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26 Julio 2017




Google Hire leaves to compete with LinkedIn

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Google does not surrender with the social networks and recently it sent in the United States €œHire€, a social network oriented to facilitate the process of recruitment in small and medium businesses.

In spite of some attempts bankrupts to add itself to the world of the social networks, Google continues demonstrating its strong interest in having a successful product in that scope and for that reason, now, it leaves to compete with LinkedIn, property of Microsoft in the vertical of the human resources.

Hire is its new platform of uses and it already is in march in the United States. The service is born integrated in G Suite to facilitate the process of hiring of personnel in small and medium businesses.

Emails sent and received through Gmail or Hire will be synchronous automatically and any agenda of interviews will be gotten up very instantaneously to the calendar, along with questions that will have to be realised to the applicants and their information of contact.

Google comes realising for more from a year many tests and working with testers to design a simple and intuitive user interface.

Hire is developed to be used mainly in surroundings of companies, more mainly by ordered and departments of Human Resources and not by aplicantes. It looks for to facilitate the recruiters, managers of hiring and interviewers to actively participate in the processes search and selection.

So far, the service will only be available in the United States and Google did not confirm when it will be unfolded in the rest of the world.








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