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20 Sep 2017




Why to choose WordPress for my website?

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Development Web Wordpress

All we happened through the difficult decision to want to begin with our Web, and we were before million results in Google, all with different proposals.


In this note we want to tell you why we advised that you choose to use WordPress, the manager of contents more used at world-wide level, for your website.


The first advice is that your website is something and so we did not advise to you to put to think to you about savings: it is the visible face of your company before your clients, and that makes a fundamental pillar of your company. Therefore, it is very important to have a designed good webpage, working all along and with attractive content.



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  1. Responsive design: your site is essential that can be sailed from any device, or movable or desktop, with the same facility. The sites developed in WordPress fulfill this characteristic.
  2. Positioning: WordPress takes with the web search engines by its simple and clean source code very well, which facilitates the task of the robots of Google and other finders as far as the indexing of content.
  3. Scalability: once we chose WordPress to generate our website, our digital presence in limitless form is simple scalar maintaining the same basic format.
  4. Users with permissions: he allows to generate different accesses for edition from content and entrances of blog, which allows total control you on your presence online.
  5. Constant growth: WordPress is in constant update and growth. You prune to enjoy updates in completely gratuitous form that allow to improve the performance of your website.
  6. Built-in blog: it allows you to generate interest contents and to show them in your Web with his tool of blogging, which is very easy to learn to use
  7. Versatility: any type of site can be realised in WordPress €“ daily digitalises, institutional sites, e-commerce, galleries and many more



We design your Web!

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It is impossible to deny that this manager of digital contents is an excellent alternative to choose at the time of realising a website, but also many things in Internet are shelp that are not real:


Lie #1 €“ WordPress does not require programming knowledge

WordPress operates with base in programming languages. Without going more far, its origin is PHP, thus your development will see very limited if not tenés intermediate knowledge in these areas.


Lie #2 €“ Everything is solved with plugins

It is certain that in WordPress they exist plugins for everything almost. The reality is that you prune €œto sicken€ your site if them DAS indiscriminate use. The abuse of these tools can bring about problems of security, yield and functionality to your Web.


Lie #3 €“ you do not need to webmaster

All the websites, use the language that is, need maintenance. Although no longer you will depend on developer to load all contents, it is important that you have to your administrator of contents or systems abreast of which you realise, and do not let pass long time without checking the performance of your website.


Lie #4 €“ He is completely gratuitous

He would be very ingenuous to think that a as professional system as WordPress would not look for to remove any benefit. The groups of WordPress on which many designs are realised are payments more, like plugins used around the world.




We hope to manage to remove all the doubts to you exceeds why to choose WordPress for your website it is a good decision. We have been 10 years trusting this CMS and we recommended it more every day.



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