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09 Julio 2017




That there is behind a successful company?

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If somebody names to Coca-Cola, automatically a logo with red bottom and white letters in cursive comes to us at the top, and our brain refers us to the flavor of this famous drink. If we spoke of McDonald's, surely to more of a reader water will be done to him the mouth thinking about its sandwiches. This happens not because these companies are immense corporations, but because they managed to create a strong brand.
It is necessary to have a millionaire budget to manage to construct a brand and that of a to know itself? Clear that no. Facebook was created today in a room of a university campus and each action costs in stock-market 151.44 dollars, positioning itself within the 50 more valuable brands of the world according to the Forbes Magazine.
To create a brand is to have influence, and this is obtained generating proximity with the public.
Nowadays, the social boom of Internet and networks facilitate the arrival of the very many contents to more people in less time and with smaller costs. Simply tips is necessary to consider the following:
  1. To feel passion reason why beams: he is much more simple to manage to arrive at the others with or or a service if it is managed to transmit the own interest. The personality of your brand and the form in which it makes you feel is its essence. The logo, the colors, phrases and everything what you tie must be carefully selected and to follow a same line, since it will be the first message that you will give your potential clients.
  2. To use the digital resources appropriately: nowadays many trade relations take shape by the social networks and webpages, reason why he is vitally important to be usuary assets of these mass media.
  3. To study in depth to I publish target: one is due to know in clearly to whom one scores as potential clients (millenials, adults, businessmen) and to realise an analysis of his interests and aspirations to create content of the brand.
  4. To try to each client as the best one: the consumers look for to feel special, is by whom the preferential deal with each will make them return to choose to you time and time again.
  5. Most important: to work hard! All the influential brands delivered a great attack to arrive where they are. It leaves to the fears of side and comenzá your project!
If queres to construct your personal brand and to begin an own undertaking, you do not doubt in writing to [email to us protected] so that we can advise on strategies digital marketing and positioning to you Web and that your business is a success!

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