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02 Nov 2017




Businesses to make money with Internet in an 2017 €“ 2018

the news by hosting in an
business online

The opportunities to undertake in Internet are divided in two models: development of contents and creation of platforms. Itself you look for means to arrive at your clients, generates contents; if you like the programming, she designs platforms. Here some ideas!

1. Independent musical seal

It commercializes the music of the artists who sign with the seal of your record company. It finds talented musicians, supports them so that they record his subjects and sends the new proposals to the market. The USA YouTube or Vimeo as promotion platforms, through music videos that become viral.

The subjects will in line commercialize by means of stores as iTunes and an own website, where in addition you will be able to sell promotional merchandise of the artists. According to press reports, the intermediaries who raise music to the store of Apple receive between 25% and 60% of the sales.


2. Physical trainer

Consultant's office for routines of training and plans of nutrition. It constructs a webpage and it offers in her plans of fitness and healthy feeding, customized according to the needs of the client. Once the user has contracted the service you can take care of it of personal or remote form, for example, via Skype.

Your page in social gymnasiums and networks publicizes. Cobra by means of banking transference, based on the number of weeks that the users want the service. To exercise itself is the second action €“ only after changing its nutritional habits that the Latin Americans are taking to end to lose weight.

An option is fitblrs, newspapers in platforms as Tumblr that get to have a great amount of followers and who are extremely easy to produce.


3. Virtual assistant

Service of remote assistance for administrative workings. It obtains a telephone, a computer and a connection to Internet to realise from your house activities that go from coordinating the agenda of your clients and organizing archives, to transcriptions or other tasks of support that can require. Mantén a close contact through different mass media.

Cobra via standard a banking transference tariffs by general services, as well as additional quotas by specialized tasks.


4. Blog of contents

It writes and it commercializes a blog. It creates a digital binnacle and feeds it constantly €“ without concerning the subject that you approach of original and excellent content for your hearing it puts. It promotes your content through social networks, with connections that send to your site to generate traffic. It commercializes advertising spaces for companies interested in the segment to which you go and also it inserts in your blog contextual publicity, as AdSense de Google.


5. Design of apps

Development of apps enterprise for movable devices. It to size creates these programs for smartphones and tablets according to the requirements of the clients who ask for them, thinking about his potential for small and great companies. In the case of platforms as Apple and Android, an annual subscription pays that it gives right to limitless sales. It offers manuals of use and support via social networks.


6. Youtubero

To say of the Mexican Association of Internet (AMIPCI), in 2014 53,9 million users were reported in Mexico, with a compared growth of 5,3% with the previous year. Also, the exposure time to Internet reached 6 hours 11 minutes daily.

The advice of Daniel Feixas, Co author of the book How to prevail in Youtube, he is that if you are interested in initiating to you as Youtuber you resort to Google AdSense. One is a tool of Google that allows the owners or operators to insert announcements in its websites and thus to obtain income.

He begins to create an account in Youtube. You only need an account mail in Gmail to give you of discharge in the video platform. The advantage of the tools of Google is that they guide to you step by step and in the language that you choose.


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7. Commerce in social networks

It mounts a virtual store in platforms as Facebook or Pinterest for you or third parties. It unfolds the product catalogue and it takes advantage of the social interaction and the feedback your clients to sharpen the supply. The users of the site will scatter to your articles and supplies in the measurement that are to them excellent.

He uses Paypal to receive and a company of mail that sends the merchandise to the buyer.


8. Qualification and education in line

It offers a service of virtual education. Two possibilities exist: one consists of allowing the users to suggest and to vote to choose the course according to its interests. When there is sufficient requests organize the course or factory in line. The other is to offer the possibility that the users send a question that will be been responsible for an expert or which they look for that it enables them; in this case it is received by intermediation.


9. Methods of payment in line

It sends a platform of payment via Internet for third parties. It develops the software that allows to your clients €“ businesses or nonlucrative organizations of receiving payments or grants via debit and credit cards the 24 hours. Software available must of being safe and easy implementation. Your business consists of acquiring a commission by each transaction while you allow the end user to make the payment without additional cost.


10. Social networks or forums of expression for niches

It sends a website so that people interact, it is related and it established friendship with people who share a common interest. The objective is to promote a community of compatible members. It chooses thematic for your social network and equips it with functionalities that allow the user to create their profile, to connect themselves with other members of the community, as well as to raise and to share content. Your income will come from the advertisers who want to arrive at your base of members.


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