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28 June 2017




As easily creating my portal of the news or digital newspaper online in an with the constructor of websites

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Still today great difficulties at the time of developing to a portal of the news or digital newspaper exist, mainly, when we spoke of a customized development. The goings and returns with the dedicated developments involve a very high demand of time and money, and generally for the local undertakings of press, a so high cost is not justified having platforms that offer professional solutions to a much more low cost.

In this article I want to tell to you on Constructor of Sites, a tool that will allow you to create your own website, portal, newspaper or professional blog of the news in three steps.

Constructor of Sites is a platform for the creation of portals of the news, digital newspapers or newspapers completely online. It is a platform especially developed to facilitate the work to the signaller or journalist, and all the equipment who conforms mass media in the cloud (Director, administrator, journalists, correspondents and publicists).

Any person can prove tool soliciing one demo thanks, registry is not required (only to validate the email) and does not require of data of credit cards to initiate the test.

As the majority of these platforms online, it is not needed installation of additional software nor extensions of navigator, everything works in the cloud.

The newness of Average CMS is that all the tending one to hosting, other groups, CMS and necessary to have an in line professional blog of the news, solves it the tool through installation assistant.

The Constructor of sites facilitates the creation and administration of a website of the news, solving the problems and common needs of the majority of the undertakings of digital communication, but in addition, maintaining low and accessible costs for any person, without losing professionalism in the designs and functions of the CMS.

Hosting, the designs, the functions of the CMS, the support, everything is part of the package from the most basic plan to most powerful. The customized support also is a very important point although also it is possible to be acceded to a complete center of help and videotutoriales.


As far as the designs, the tool offers a series of different oriented interchangeable groups to thematic. The options of design of each one of the groups do them personalizables at a sufficiently deep level as covering the needs with several headings.

Exclusive of the platform and created the groups are according to tendencies of the market with the aim of which the visitor feels like comfortable in the navigability and visualization of the content.

An important advantage of Constructor of Sites, is that all the groups are designed under concepts as Design Retina and technology Web Responsive (adaptable to mobiles), and everything including in the price of the plan.

How I make to create my portal of the news?

The process is very easy and intuitive. It is entered the site soon clicks in €œConstructor of Sites€ and soon in €œBuying€, it is necessary to follow the passages of the assistant (they are only three), and when finalizing tenes that to confirm the creation of the site. You will receive a mail to verify your ready email and.

Step by step:

Step 1: A plan chooses

Step 2: It completes the form with your data and those of your site.

Step 3: Recibiras your construction plan of sites!

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