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15 Dic 2017




EE.UU assassinates to Internet as we know it today, goodbye to the Neutrality of the Network, Internet goodbye

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the USA kills Internet

The FCC (FCC by its abbreviations in English), by means of a voting of 3 against 2, finishes loading of blow and bash the Neutrality of the Network.

This means that from now on, the American operators can block the content whom they consider opportune, in addition to allowing the users who more pay to have access to a €˜prioritized Internet €˜, where they will see how its connection will be fast, whereas those that do not pay will be able to see restricted the speed in unloadings, programs P2P, et cetera


. €œBecause the public pde to see clearly, that the FCC soon will be toothless, is giving the keys of Internet, one of the most remarkable inventions of our life to a handful of multi corporations of thousands of million dollars. € Mignon Clyburn, a commissioner of the FCC shelp.

In a meeting filled with the FCC (FCC) in Washington first thing in the morning, the commissioners of the monitoring group voted three to two in the lines of the party to dismantle the protections of the Neutrality of the Network.

President Ajit Pai, commissioner Michael O'Rielly and commissioned Brendan Carr voted to favor (Started off Republican); Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel and commissioner Mignon Clyburn voted in discord (Started off Democratic).

€œNow our broadband suppliers will tell you that never they will make these things. They say that only they trust us. But this knows: they have the technical ability and the commercial incentive to discriminate and to manipulate its traffic of Internet. And now this agency gives the legal green light them to follow ahead and to do it€. Deputized of the FCC Jessica Rosenworcel.


Summary of the Neutrality of the Network

As that nobody wants to read much, loading the neutrality of the network in the United States it implies that in this country the operators of Internet will be able to settle down restrictions to matador and wreck, because now the own law protects to them.

This will allow from simply reducing the speed to us to Internet when we accede to certain pages as Netflix or applications P2P, or, not to let to us accede to these platforms that we pay to have access to the same, and even will at least have the power to block the access to certain pages or services, blockade that can be indefinite, or that has solution paying an extra every month.

Exactly, one of that foreseeably is affected, Netflix, already has been pronounced officially:

€œWe are disappointed with the decision to gut the protections of the neutrality in the network that marked the beginning of an era without precedents of innovation, creativity and civic commitment. This it is the beginning of one long legal battle. Netflix is of the side of the small and great innovators in its opposition to this mistaken order of the FCC €œ. it published the company in his official account of Twitter.

Another one of the great ones affected is Reddit, the most important forum of the world:


€œThe fight to preserve the neutrality in the network is far from finishing and is going to be longer than we hoped but this still has not finished €œ.


Now everything is limited to hope during at least two months and to see when and how the operators will move card, which will look for to mint all the possible one. As a result of there, and of how everything goes, it is to hope that in the future one looks for to do the same in Europe.



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