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09 Abr 2018




VR & AR €“ a new world & business in growth $ 9.9 billions in 2022

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Yay, growth! The signature of investigation CCS Insight foretells that 22 million headsets and glasses VR and AR in 2018 will be sold, with a growth five times greater to 121 million units for year 2022.

Meanwhile, the VR of smartphones will represent the volume of sales most of, although he is kind to dedicated devices of virtual reality, that will represent the 63 percent of the total value of market of $ 9.9 billions in 2022, according to the company. Also it seems that intelligent glasses AR for consumers have an encouraging potential, especially if a great company of consumption electronics as Apple decides to enter the market.

George Jijiashvili, senior analyst of CCS Insight for wearables, comments: €œThe earpieces with virtual reality have been the main source of growth in sales of units until now, and we hoped that this continues, especially the earpieces that use a smartphone. Nevertheless, we hoped that the independent earpieces as the Oculus Go and the HTC Vive Focus ignite a new wave of growth that will help to extend the attractiveness of the virtual reality, particularly with the companies and the education €œ.

The games continue being the main reason of the sales of devices of virtual reality and is little probable that this changes in the next years. The investigation of the consumer of CCS Insight sample that almost the 70 percent of the clients who own earpieces VR dedicated as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Sony PlayStation VR bought games for him, and more than half of the proprietors of earpieces VR of smartphones bought games for their device.

Intelligent glasses AR also have an outstanding place in the prognosis of CCS Insight. As Jijiashvili says, €œgiven the increased reality she is one of the newer areas of technology in the smartphones, is not surprising that the interest is being accumulated in the glasses of increased reality. Thousands of million dollars in this technology are being reversed and we have seen significant improvements in the size, the weight and the design of the intelligent glasses in the last 12 months €œ.

Nevertheless, the prognosis of CCS Insight very dissapointingly indicates a low adoption of intelligent glasses until now, especially between the companies. CCS Insight calculates that only they bought 24.000 intelligent glasses AR by businesses in 2017. Jijiashvili comments: €œThe potential of this technology is clear, but until now the majority of the companies is evaluating some units to see how the technology adjusts to its operations€.

The last prognosis of CCS Insight reflects the positive perspective for the intelligent glasses of consumption, with a volume of sales of 4.5 million units anticipated for 2022.

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