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08 Sep 2017




As to create a store online in an 2017 2018

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it lies down online

You have thought to create a store online but you don't dare by the investment that it can suppose? Would You like to create your own job and you don't know how to do it? You want to begin to make money in Internet by your own account and have desire to work hard in it?


The title of the article can be a little exaggerated, since to pitch a tent online if that will need to you a small economic investment, and mainly a great investment in the form of time, but wanted to transmit the idea that e-commerce without the necessity of an important economic investment is possible to create a business.

As you already know, today it is possible to sell products through Internet to everybody. Also it is possible to create a store online without needing computer science knowledge. The wholesalers or dropshippers can directly send their products to your clients.

Sufficient information on the internet exists to learn basic of marqueting the online thing, and companies how Paypal, Mercadolire, Mercadopago put to us very easy at the time of implementing a system of effective payment and with card of credit.  which is the excuse to learn how to mount the store online that you wish?



I am going to summarize the process of how to create a store online in 10 steps, very briefly and superficially, so that you become an idea than it would be essential to begin to sell from your own store online:



This is one of the most attractive parts of all project, so I put it at the outset to animate to the personnel. The election of good reputation is essential in a store online.

As much the name as the domain must be able to remember and to write easily, must be shortest possible and to power to be, descriptive.

In the case of the domain, if in addition it contains some of our key words, it will help us to position us in the finders by those terms. It tries that it is a .com, or .es itself you will sell to Spain.


This is practically the only investment that you will have to realise to create your store online, so you are not stingy and looks for a company that offers hosting to you of quality and guarantee.

The speed of your store online is key, as much for the users as for the positioning in the finders. A slow page causes that their users get tired to hope and leave the page, whereas Google, for example, penalizes the pages that take more than X seconds in loading sending them to the bottom of the results search. You would even have to pay in Adwords to more have a slow page!


Assure to you then that your company of hosting guarantees the sufficient space for your store online and a good speed to you of connection. Contratand a good service of hosting you will also avoid unnecessary falls of the servant and will be able to have your store available 24h to the day, 365 days to the year.


A time ago already we explained how dropshipping works the method. Basically one is which our wholesaler or distributor, directly sends the products that our clients have bought in our store online to their address. Obvious, the wholesaler to dropshipper will send the product without no symbol of his company, adding to the package your own invoice if therefore you wish it.

In this way, the client is also satisfied and we avoided to have to invest in the product stock, or to worry us about the logistics. The company of dropshipping will become position of all this.

Logically, by general norm the margins will not be so great as if we bought them products first, but to begin a business e-commerce, to begin to have clients and to see how everything works, I see it how the ideal solution for which they cannot invest in a great amount of products.

Many lists of wholesalers exist and dropshippers, assures you to choose one of guarantees, it realises some test before directly selling your clients, and ten some more selected in case you must change.



At present many gratuitous and totally completely trustworthy CMS for e-commerce exist. All of them are designed in major or smaller measurement so that they can be used by people without too many technical knowledge.

In addition, to the being tools of code free and known by a great amount of professionals, many independent companies exist and that by a reasonable price can alter or extend those functionalities that you cannot realise by your account.

Without wanting to extend to me nor to enter comparisons, for a project or it lies down without too many complexities, it would choose without mainly doubting it the Creator of republic stores hosting in an, had to his ease of use, but also its €œlightness€, good natural positioning and great amount of easily configurable options.

Other CMS that are also recommendable would be: Magento, Oscommerce, Virtuemart (Joomla), Zencart, Opencart, Digistore or Drupal Ecommerce.

All of them allow the selection of diverse groups of design, as much free as of payment, that will cover all needs. A group with a design attractive, chooses and directed to the action to create your store online.



Many wholesalers provide to the stores online of their product catalogue in formats that can automatically be raised your store, and thus all the products in very just a short time can be shown. It is not bad idea to begin, but he is basic to personalize all the texts of the store.

In the long run the only products that will be positioned correctly will be those that you have modified, and the users will be thankful not to find the same text who will see in other stores. He extends the information with details of the product, photos, methods of use. The USA the imagination.



It is essential to offer the maximum of possible methods of payment in your store online. If you can offer 4, better than 3. Still there is people who do not entrust themselves to buy by Internet, and only realises orders to stores that offer the Contrareembolso method, since the package will only pay when receiving. Others, always use the card since they understand that behind there will be a company and some use banking transference because of being more comfortable to them.

But in Spain a great problem with the banks and the footbridges of payment exists. many of them only offer the service to companies that have been time operating with the organization, or to great companies.

Some branches do not know well that you speak to them when you request it and another they introduce all the possible ties to you. Even so it is possible to obtain it being a new company. Personally I have obtained footbridges in Banco Santander, BBVA and the Caixa.

But you see it very complicated, or because of the banks as by technical limitations at the time of integrating the payment footbridge (the complicated implementation is something and requires of knowledge in PHP), alternative solutions as the integral footbridge of Paypal, MercadoPago/MercadoLibre exist, Payment Facil and Rapipago

Paypal makes our available a payment footbridge that will allow us to receive to our clients with card. Its €œinstallation€ is extremely simple and the only cost that is going to have for us will be the commission (quite high) that will receive Paypal to us by each realised transaction. However, it is a very good form to offer from a beginning this form of payment so asked for.


As or I explained in the mini guide SEO for stores online, cases in that exist it is practically impossible to realise long descriptions or that they contribute content from value to our store online. In these cases, the creation of a blog to attract something from traffic the store is essential.

Although always the creation of a blog is advisable that speaks of our sector and everything what it surrounds it, and that also serves to us to promote our products of some way, directly or indirectly.

Little by little you will be positioning you by the subjects treated in articles and it will bring prepared traffic to you of quality to buy your products. So when creating a store online you do not forget to create a blog to accompany it.


Legally you cannot sell products unless you do it as independent or as company. In addition, in the majority of the cases the creation of a LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY mainly by the subject of the civil responsibility is recommendable.

To create a Limited company is a process that although we can realise we ourself, is probable that we decide to leave into the hands of an agency.

Assure to you to have all the papers in rule, to contract an insurance and to fulfill all the effective laws before initiating your adventure, a fine or economic sanction not to act correctly could make disappear your company and your project.



Thanks to the publicity online, we can present our store online economic form but coverall of scaled form. Correctly using the tools of gratuitous analyses that Internet makes our available, we will be able to know with exactitude that advertising campaigns give benefits us and which do not work, being able to rectify quickly and avoiding unnecessary losses.

Of this form, we will be able to obtain benefits in just a short time, and to reduce the investment to €œwhich we are gaining every month€, reason why except the small initial investment, the rest of publicity could be pleased single. The ability of each to be able to extend those benefits can mark the difference in the future.

In order to begin to publicize itself in Internet, it would recommend to use the publicity in the results search of Google by means of Adwords.


Your store online works correctly and or you have realised some sale by means of Adwords, some other system of publicity or natural form. It is well, now is the moment for extending the number of sales.

It creates your own strategy of marketing online: It realises special supplies, it prepares a strategy of social average, organizes contests, it realises a customized pursuit of your clients, writes press notes,€¦ Beam all the possible one to present your brand and your products.

As in all the businesses, you must sell to survive. Don't mention it serves that your store is the best one if nobody knows it, don't mention it serves that your prices are most competitive if nobody sees your products. You must do makes an effort to leave to sell, or as minimum, to conduct the pertinent battles of marketing to obtain the necessary sales.

The ideal is to begin with marketing at the beginning of creating a store online, you do not wait for because but the clients will take in arriving.

I have avoided some fundamental issues in the creation of any business as to realise a study of previous market, the viability of the project, to create the business model or of documenting all the steps, but how I have concentrated in the businesses ecommerce and the stores online, I have preferred to simplify.

In other articles of Hosting Republic we touched these subjects of ampler form, in case it interests to you to deepen.




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You have cheered up to create a store online? Which has been your experience? You have found problems or difficulties? Tell it to us!







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