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11 Abr 2018




New version of WordPress 4.9.5 Important!

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WordPress sent a new version for the CMS, version 4.9.5.

It is an update of maintenance, that is to say, it does not contribute to great improvements nor new functionalities. This means that it solves errors that cause that our CMS is vulnerable before possible attacks. Next I show everything to you what solves this new version of WordPress 4.9.5.

What is what fixea WordPress in their update?


The previous versions to apartir of 4.9.4, have three problems of security.

 The equipment of WordPress Security, has implemented the following solutions in the 4.9.5:

  • Localhost as host does not treat by defect
  • Safe redireccionamientos when redirigir are used the page of beginning of session if the SSL is forced
  • It is verified that the version chain correctly is saved to use it in the generator of tags

In addition, other 25 were corrected bugs. Between most outstanding€¦

  • The old styles of shortcodes of the legend have been recovered
  • Now images in the movable devices can be trimmed
  • A pile of chains has been corrected on errors so that you are understood far better
  • The position of placeholder has been corrected that it appears when raising archives in WordPress
  • The compatibility with PHP 7.2 has improved
  • The customized functionality of nonce in the client of Javascript REST API has become coherent throughout the code base.

IMPORTANT to update to version 4.9.5

We are very intense in this subject but you want to be prevented before possible attacks with malware, the ideal is that you install the updates of WordPress in your website as soon as you see the message in dashboard.

 It is very important to guarantee the stability of your webpage and security of your data in WordPress that you maintain simpre your site to completes it version.

Thanks to read to us!

We see ourselves in the next note!

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