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24 Julio 2017




Digital marketing: the fuel to drive the sales





A business can have an excellent product or an efficient service but does not take it to the market, will only be a missed opportunity. Digital marketing is a tool fundamental to obtain this.


When undertaking a business one can know very clearly is necessary to do and how to do it, but the problem arises when facing the question €œwith what doing it€, that is to say, the resources with which it counts to transform ideas into results.

These limitations take that some vital investments see as expenses and lose priority. Marketing falls generally in the list of the €œdispensable ones€.

Nevertheless, not to spend to time and money contracting a person or an agency to design, to implement and to measure the marketing actions is an error that can cost more expensive than the saved money.

It is important that the entrepreneurs know clearly that marketing is vital to obtain visibility, to catch potential clients or possible investors. What it is not known is not sold; ergo, without publicity there are no gains.

Nowadays traditional marketing is stopping being the only tool (expensive and massive) that exists, to open the way to digital marketing, which allows to a greater efficiency as far as budget and a reach much more directed to the objective public. It is fundamental to pay attention to the information that can be extracted of an analysis of digital strategies, since not only it shows what so well we arrived at our wished consumers, but who are interested in us and not we are considering them.

The key that must consider the entrepreneurs when sending their business is that the best thing is to leave a third party assumes all the process, of this form once ruled the objectives and the resources the one will be a group of professionals that is in charge to investigate, to segment, to diagnose, to implement and to analyze the marketing plan.



€œWho it stops making publicity to save money, it is as if it stopped the clock to save time€ €“ Henry Ford



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