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18 Sep 2017




What is and why it serves Marketing Online?

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Marketing Online

The objective of this note is to explain briefly why he is essential to have a strategy of Marketing Online and to respond to the questions more frequent than they arise before this new tendency that day after day gains popularity and importance.


What is Marketing Online?


Marketing Online, also known as Digital Marketing, is a concept that arose in years 90 to describe to the application of techniques of traditional Marketing in the platforms Web.


Within Digital Marketing there are diverse advertising practices that understand the different commercial strategies and that is applied in the world online: search engine optimization (SEO), creation of one marks to digitalis and its contents, social techniques of electronic commerce, networks as sale tools, publicity in web search engines and social networks (SEM) and many more.


Why it is necessary to have a strategy of Marketing Online?
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Nowadays we are more than 34 million the ans who we were, of a way or another one, connected to Internet. More than 16 million they realised the purchase of some product or service in form online. 40% of the consumers almost complement the information who listen to or obtain by traditional mass media with content of social networks or websites.


In summary: we are at a time at which all it happens through Internet, for that reason the presence of one marks must be strong to obtain that all that one visitor who interests to us is attracted by our content and she becomes client.


How I am different myself from the competition in Internet?

The axis is the website: it must have an attractive design, of fast operation and with content of interest.

Also it is important to have a good presence in social networks, since, as we explained previously, the digital hearing trusts and resorts very many to these portals and applications of influence to make decisions from purchase.

All the tools of digital marketing are pointed to attract traffic the webpage, where the visitor will be able to find what we offer and to contact himself to contract a service or to obtain a product.

Most interesting it is than anyone can as much realise publicity in social networks as in web search engines without it is necessary to count on an important budget, since the content is moderate and it is exposed on the basis of the quality of the same, and not only to the impulse that occurs him economically.


Which are the main advantages of Digital Marketing?
  1. It is accessible for all, much more that traditional marketing
  2. Not necessarily the one that more estimating has is the one that obtains visualization more, obtaining a more loyal competition for the small entrepreneurs
  3. A pursuit much more meticulous and updated can be realised on the yield of the advertising actions. The data are available in real time and precise and detailed information of the obtained results can be generated.
  4. The public to that our actions go can segment himself, obtaining greater efficiency as far as the yield of the budget

We invited to you to know more on the different techniques and how they will help you to expand your business in digital platforms here clicking.

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