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30 January 2018




as creating an easy and fast webpage in wordpress for nascent in 2018 in an

Marketing by hosting in an
tutorial wordpress 2018

If you have a business, hobby or personal project and you are thinking about creating a webpage with which to obtain more clients, to promote or you want to send your new professional project and you would like to mount your own page from zero (but you do not know by as beginning), when you finish reading this article you have the knowledge necessary to turn your idea into a reality.

  • #1. To buy the domain
  • #2. To contract hosting/lodging
  • 3 #3. To install a subject free
  • 4 #4. To create your first content
  • 5 #5. How to obtain to visits webpage in time record
    • 5.1 Center in securing visits to you
    • 5.2 Practica networking
  • 6 Already you thought what goes to be your new domain?

#1. To buy the domain

A first that you need to create webpage is to think and to choose a name domain, that is to say, your direction in Internet.  In our case, the domain is

It spends time to think good reputation and assures to you that it meets these 3 conditions:


  • Easy to remember: you do not choose a domain without sense, difficult to pronounce nor very long. Tene in account that people tendra the smaller effort not to remember the name of your webpage, so it does the possible thing to leave track from the beginning.
  •   Descriptive, Only and direct: it tries that the domain name reflects of what goes your Web.
  •   Worthy of confidence: it buys extensions that generate confidence and realism, Example: €œ.com€, €œ.org€ and €œ.net€.

As tip additional, although you are going to use €œ.com€, also buys the rest of reliable extensions. He is not expensive and we made sure that nobody can obtain our name of domain.

Once you choose the domain name, it verifies if he is available in Purchase of Domains and buys it (Bond about 300 Pesos final per year).


#2. To contract hosting/lodging

Hosting is the space (servant) in which kept your webpage and will be in Internet.

Since there are many options in the market we recommended Hosting Republic or you prune to see our note, as choosing hosting for wordpress.

At the time of putting in the balance so that to choose hosting that we recommended to you, the 3 points that matter more are:

  • Speed: as much of the servant as of the load of the page.
  • Security: in order to diminish the risk of attacks and hackeos.
  • Technical support: whichever better it is, less you will suffer when you have some problem (and you do not doubt that the incidences happen).


Our recommendation is that you use the service of Hosting Republic, company that offers excellent great quality on watch with offices.

To obtain the service is very easy and you prune it to do in 3 steps once you choose your plan:

  1. We buy a domain or we already have: you prune to register nuevodominio or to transfer the one that you have, or to free use a republic domain hosting which is by
  2. To choose the period of hiring: monthly, annual, etc. (with annual payment they have the registry of the discounted domain)
  3. To fill up your data and to select a payment method.
  4. Once subscriber the service the technical area would realise the discharge and recibiras in your mail the data of your new lodging!

That easy, you will have access to your new site in wordpress in Internet!

With this video I step by step teach to you to choose the plan that you like more:


#3. To install a subject free/design

Before beginning to create the first content of which they will feed your webpage, we must design it.

We are going to need a group/subject on which to work.

In order to install it, in the clickea left menu in €œAppearance€ and it selects €œSubjects€.

You are going to find that there are some installed groups. If you do not like any, you click on €œAdding new€ (in the part superior).

Sides listing of subjects that you can choose as it bases and beginning to create your professional Web.

wordpress  design


#4. To create your first content

These Ready to publish your first article in wordpress?

Before it is necessary to create it

Once in our panel wordpress, on the left menu, we selected €œEntrances€ and to soon €œCreating new€.

to create content for wordpress in an 2018

Once you finalize to create your entrance, in right we have the option to publish it of immediate form, to keep it as rough draft or to program it so that one publishes the day and the hour that you want.

tutorial of wordpress in an

What you can more do in addition to writing?

  • To add images.
  • To include connections.
  • To structure the content by means of headed (in drop-down of the eyelash €œthe Paragraph€).
  • To publish the format: to add cursive, bolds, underlinings and erased or to change the color of the source.

#5. How to secure to visibility online in time record

You know how many blogs are left before his first year?

Almost 99%.

If queres to destecar and to be in that 1% that survives, you need the fuel all digital business: visits.

It don't mention it does not serve to create a exepcional professional webpage if we do not have visits, neither following, nor possible clients.

Obiamente either does not serve to invest million hours writing up articles of quality for our content if nobody reads them.

how obtained is visibility in Internet?

In order to answer this question tendriamos that to write thousands of lienas but. But I am going to leave to you with a article that we wrote a time ago. A guide of action to begin the growth of our webpage wordpress and to generate traffic.


Focus in securing visits to you

You finish sending your webpage. Really you need to pass great part of the day in Twitter or Facebook?

Clear that no.

We recommended to you to begin with the following thing:

  1. It optimizes your blog for finders.
  2. Beam guest posting.
  3. It realises interviews to influential people of your sector.
  4. It comments in other blogs.
  5. It publishes collaborative articles.
  6. It promotes your contents.

Networking practices

Already you thought which goes to be your new domain?

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