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19 Julio 2018




How to know what hosting I need for my project Web?

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If you arrived at this post, it is probable that you are undertaking with your website in a 2019 (or already you have initiated) project at level Web. Sabés what is hosting or lodging Web? In this note we are going to help you to choose the agreed plan to your necessity.
As first point, it is important that you know that to have hosting is a basic requirement for your project Web. The people who are in this situation to choose where to lodge his project they for the first time crush by the amount of lodging suppliers Web and, as well, of plans that each offers.
In Hosting Republic we counted on the perfect plan for each project. We shared next some to you tips to choose the lodging for your website correctly.

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That is lodging Web or hosting?

Lodging Web (in English Web hosting) is the service that offers to users in Internet a system to store information, images, video, or any accessible content via Web. The suppliers of hosting or Web Host (as Hosting Republic) are companies that offer a space of a servant (or a servant vps/dedicated) to their clients.

Shelp of a easy way but, hosting is what we needed to have our webpage, lies down online, blog or any project in visible Internet so that any person can know it.


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Several types of lodgings Web exist: Shared Hosting, dedicated Vps, Vps Windows, Cloud, Servers or housing.


  • I have a small project or I am beginning: if tenés unblog personal or a simple institutional website, a plan of hosting shared is sufficient for the lodging that we needed. We recommended to you to enter in the following link:
  • I have a medium project: between these projects the stores online small and portals of the news are classified. What you need is a virtual servant or also met as VPS Hosting. We recommended to you to enter in the following link to acquire it:
  • I have a great project: this classification traffic and the stores online with great amount of products enter laspáginas Web by far. What we can recommend to you is the range of Servers VPS KING. you prune them to acquire in the following link:
  • If your project is great but no of the previous options of hosting is to you suitable, we can to size arm a servant realising an analysis of your present site or project to develop. Our guarantee is of uptime of a 99%, Podés to contact us in the following connection:


At the time of deciding us by the types of lodging it is necessary to consider a few points. If contracts a plan of hosting shared, will be your supplier of hosting the one that is in charge of the administration of the servant, reason why you need very low or even null knowledge in this field. In the case of hosting prevailed (VPS and dedicated Servant), although they count on basic technical support for his use, the administration depends on the client.

It is important of being realistic and so we really needed for our lodging Web: a servant dedicated for hosting of our blog can be contracted, but we would be spending money in resources that we are not going to use. In many cases we decided on the option but economic, which can take to a low yield of the site and, consequently, we will lose all possibility of attracting visitors our webpage.


One of the questions that a person at the time of choosing the plan of hosting has or Web server is the operating system: I need Windows or Linux?

  • Webpages: if they are dynamic sites, more likely use PHP (WordPress, Joomla or other Open Source applications) and data bases mySQL, For these cases, he is better to choose hosting Linux since it has better integration, yield and is economic.
  • If your content uses some of the technologies as ASP, ASP.NET and data bases in SQL Server, which you need is hosting in Windows so that it works as it corresponds.
  • If your content is a game servant online, which you need is a servant Windows to be able to administer it as beams to it with your PC. The servers Windows provide access to a remote desktop software.



We are but about knowing that plan to choose but which of the plans of hosting or servers VPS is the best one for my needs.

We presented some cases to you of typical clients (that they could be in your place) and what we recommended to them:


  • I have an institutional site to present my undertaking and is developed in WordPress: we recommended hosting to you shared (for example, our plan WordPress Republic). It allows to lodge the domain and its data base, in addition to allowing the creation of more than 1000 accounts of mail with certificate SSL free.
  • I have a site with cart of purchases with WordPress and WooCommerce: in this case, we recommended to you to lodge your project in a special VPS for WordPress. These services allow you to lodge sites with great demands and count on resources dedicated for their optimal operation.
  • I have a website programmed in HTML: in this case, podés to decide on plans of low resources, as hosting shared.
  • I have a development of a APP or a website in ASP, ASP.NET: definitively, which you need is a VPS Windows. Person in charge IT of your project will have access to a remote desktop software from which she will be able to administer the servant completely.
  • I love a servant for games online: or in operating system Linux or Windows, the important thing is that you know the resources that you need to run the chosen game. We have a great fan of options that podés to know here clicking.


The key to choose a good plan of lodging Web or hosting is to have in mind the technical requirements of our site to yagregar a small percentage as a forecast of the growth to cut-means term.


These are ours tips to help you to choose a lodging Web hosting in agreed Argentina to your project.

It is important that you know that all our services tell on backup, certificate SSL free (essential according to the last update of policy of Google) and technical support offered by experts.

Recordá that in all the plans we offer the service of migration without cost!

If even tenés doubts to choose your plan of hosting, contacts to us and we helped you to choose or we armed together your plan to size.


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We told you so that we are the best supplier of hosting

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