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15 August 2018




To create one Radio Online as idea of businesses

the news by hosting in an


To mount one radio by Internet, nowadays is very simple and you do not need to invest much money to obtain it.
In order to begin to transmit one radio by Internet of professional way, we only recommended to you to have the following elements (which are in the majority of the homes)
  • A computer
  • A connection to stable Internet of at least 2 Megabyte of bandwidth, this you prune to check it here: SpeedTest
  • The audio content of transmitting
  • A microphone (it can be of PC)
  • A service of streaming to send your radius to Internet which we to you with a price and unique quality in the world provide! Click Here

We happen to the common questions but of all person before a new beginning of this type.

Home by the principle: What is one radio online and what no?

Summarizing a little: it is a system of radial transmission through servers Internet, also met as streaming. The difference of one conventional radio (that is transmitted by waves of VHF frequency) is simply the use of Internet by means of applications.


It is very difficult to put one radio in line?

For nothing, any person with minimum knowledge can begin, inclusively you who these reading and that still you do not decide 🙂 to you
Is the installation procedure very simple, in fact does our service include installation and completion to leave to the air of the hand of our equipment, as it is? they are connected of remote form and they realise all the installation in your equipment thus also we advised to you step by step so that you can grow! recordá that we are Hosting Republic.

I can begin one radio online without experience?

You have or experience in radio online always we did not recommend to see new features and tendencies in Internet. Thus comenzás to know the market. Summarized: Tenes that to make a study of simple market.

The questions that we recommended that you try to respond itself are:

  • What offer? To what price?
  • How they are the speakers? They are serious, they have good reputation, they are famous, they are profession journalists?
  • There are more people than they speak on or who she interests to you? Where they are? Where no?
  • How they listen? Which are the applications and platforms that use?
  • How they are the people who listen to those radios? Where they are?
  • Which are the social networks of the radio online?
  • How gain does money these radios online?


That is a service of streaming?

The service of radio by Internet or also known as streaming for radio, is a radio platform online lists so that you can transmit from your facilities your radius to Internet.
In addition to the service of streaming we offered to a customized APP for Android your logo + domain you gratuitous Web and one webpage with hosting including in the plan that you choose, so with very little effort you prune to begin your own station in Internet and to dedicate to me to which really you like to make or to lead a radio program.
You prune to know some the APPS that already we published making click here

That happens if or I have one radio in FM or A.M.?

If or tenes a A.M. or radio transmitter FM, is possible that you need to digitize your radius and also to transmit by Internet, in that case aside from having a reproducer in your webpage they also are going to you to be able to listen by your movable application that we created customized for your radius.
In order to connect your radius in A.M./FM to your PC, you need a cable connection that goes to go from your console towards the line of entrance/microphone of your PC, normally these come with a card plug in an end and one miniplug in the other end with this already we are ready to leave live, by the rest of the configuration FORGETS to YOU! our equipment is in charge!

As causing that my radius in Internet is listened to?

It is very good that you arrive at this point, means that all march on wheels and soon you are going to grow, for this always we recommended that DES a good use to the social networks sharing information and the news as thus your radius. also it is necessary to consider a very important point and the questions that we must ourselves do it is That we must to tell the world? That I like? Since I want to make feel my listeners?
These are important points at the time of facing one radio online since it generates visibility to you and arrival to I publish.
The radio has a new tendency and is that I stop myself saying €œlistens to me€. Now she is much more interactive. With our panel of streaming you prune to see that listens to you and from where as therefore a service of super statistics detailed.
Something also to consider is that the combination of radio online and streaming of videos is a step to get to be star of TV in Internet, nevertheless, Change I am sure that if you know what querés you prune to stay to really arrive where you want you want.
Surely you will be thinking about jumping this point to you but I will tell you why it is good for creating and for using the profiles in the new social networks:
Also in Hosting Republic we counted on some services of Digital Marketing that can help to give a much more fast growth you, you prune to see doing it here click
Thanks to read the note we hoped that we can help you and any consultation you do not doubt in realising it!
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Tene your radius now!





You prune to have your Radius Online in hours!

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