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06 Sep 2018




What differentiates to us from the other suppliers of hosting of Argentina?

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You are looking for suppliers of Hosting?

If you are developing to your business in Internet and querés of choosing the best supplier of Hosting, in this note we detailed point by point why, how and when Hosting Republic is the best election and, as bonus, at the end of the note we left a code you of discount so that you trust us to lodge your site.


In this note we are going to develop all the details that we have as suppliers of hosting, why they recommend to us and how we thought to accompany to you lodging your Web or blog. All the points that we will mention went away implementing based on our experience obtained with running of the years offering attention to the client, lodging Web, development Web and mobile as also great campaigns of digital marketing for more than 15 years. Although we are an Argentina company, we offered services to everybody, maintaining and surpassing the quality of our service day to day.


When we are in the stage to choose a supplier of hosting, many terms that are used in this world can sound to you other people's, but little by little you are going them to understand and are key points at the time of selecting where you are going to have your lodged content.

They speak to You of ram memory? Considered Traffic? Amount of nuclei? CPU? Firewall? Limited Traffic?

We are going to do it but simple the possible thing and to guide you in all this great amount of questions.


Guide to recognize a good supplier of hosting

We see the points that tenés that to consider.


  • Normally we began analyzing the price: error! , this is not more excellent than the security and the yield of our website. Although we have the best price of hosting, this point does not have to be the one that more importance has at the time of choosing your supplier of hosting.
  • A good minimum company of hosting done and right as must have a contact telephone. We offered telephone attention you by experts with rotating lines, Whatsapp, mail, live chat and also we have a button so that you call to us from our Web without cost.
  • Advising on your project: what you go to lodge determines the service of hosting that necesitás. This point is as important as any other. You we can guide in the election of the plan adapted for your site or project.
  • Disc space: it is important to consider which is the capacity that you are going to have assigned in your plan to raise images, videos, that is to say, files directly to your new servant. Our smaller plan in hosting shared is of 100GB (a pile) and, in dedicated servers vps or, 30GB (another pile €“ almost 15000 images of average quality). The disc capacity or space can be extended very instantaneously at the moment that you need without needing migrations and.
  • The monthly transference of data: the plans with limited transference of data already were obsolete. A good (and modern) supplier of hosting works with limitless monthly transference.
  • The location of the servers: this no longer is a point that benefits or harms to your project Web, blog, e-commerce or what it is that you look for to lodge. Some years ago, Google gave some small points as far as positioning more if we used servers from the same country at which we aimed to arrive. Today no longer they take it into account, but they much more consider excellent important factors as stability, speed, security, response time, guarantees that Hosting Republic offers all clients.
  • Domain free with our first year of the plan: the domain registry is a service payment in all the suppliers and normally it goes up to around the 400 to 500 pesos annual. In case you contract a plan of hosting by 1 year, we discounted the cost to you of the registry of your domain .com
  • The account number of email: we offer limitless accounts to you. If: you prune to create 1, a 10 or million accounts of mail for your domain Web in anyone of our plans of hosting.
  • Connection FTP: we offered access you FTP, that serves to raise you to content your website of a form a little more sophisticated. We have a file manager very pretty and practical Web.
  • Certificate SSL: with us your site has Certificate SSL Free (the green candadito next to the domain name), fundamental factor for the positioning in Google.
  • Specialized service: we have specialists in each service Web who we offered, that will be able to offer support you according to your necessity. Also we offered hosting specialized for different platforms as WordPress, Prestashop or Joomla. In all the cases we counted on a cache system that helps to your website as far as speed and yield.
  • Migration without position: if tenes your site lodged in some other supplier and you are already not in agreement, we migrated all your content Web with our servers totally free!
  • Price: now if, we go to speak of price. As we mentioned to you before, although our economy is important to take care of the cost that we phelp by our services Web, you will already have listened to the saying €œcheap leaves expensive€. We offer competitive prices (the best ones of the market) without neglecting key factors as yield, support and stability.


I am going to continue telling you why we are best hosting in relation price-quality:


How to choose well my plan of hosting with Hosting Republic?


The first question is what type of site we have or what webpage we are going to create?

If tenes a site developed in WordPress we have 2 options (in fact more, but we go little by little):

It is a site of institutional use or that more than nothing is going to use mails: we recommended the plan to you WordPress Republic, that all the necessary one fulfills to have the site in line, remarkable traffic and good service of mails. We invited to you to know it with more depth in:

Tenés e-commerce or page of the news? For this we have a special service called VPS WordPress Argentina. Account with a system of accelerating official Web of Google that help of remarkable form to your positioning online. Also we offered to a dedicated IP and own resources you for your service Web. Conocé more of this service in:

Tenes a website done in pure HTML without data base? The ideal plan is the Republic Gold. Without much that to say, has all the agreed one to this necessity. Contratalo in:

Trabajás with Prestashop or some e-commerce customized? You are going to need our services of VPS HOSTING. According to the necessity, podés to begin with our Republican plan VPS or Republican Extra and, as you need it, we can add additional resources at the moment at which you need them. Visit for more information

You are looking for a Servant Windows? We have from basic plans to advanced enough. Podés to know them in:

Querés to create your store online same you? We have a creator of stores online very simple and intuitive, in which you prune to arm your own site without knowledge of programming. We count on more than 200 predesigned groups and you prune them to modify dragging & dropping items Know it in

Queres to create your own webpage? We have a creator of websites incredibly simple to use, for which we offer groups to you that podés to use as it bases to create your webpage.

Already tenés a site and querés to obtain more visits? We helped you to generate the indicated strategy to improve the positioning of your site and to attract more visitors from social networks, announcements and finders. Sight our plans in


In this note we saw the most excellent points at the time of contracting a good supplier of hosting and we told you why we are the best option.


We gave the following code to you of discount by a 15% in anyone of our plans: hostingdelbueno. You are not going away to regret!


It knows why we are pioneering in Hosting: To see

Querés to have your own radio online? You do not lose this article.

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