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26 June 2017




As Mining Ethereum from Argentina 2017

the news by hosting in an

Greetings.  In this post it will happen to explain to them according to my own experience as effectively mining ethereum (ETH) from 0, beginning from the basic thing until as receiving your good payment it is in USD, EUR, or any local currency according to is your country.

However surely you will have listened or seen by some place of the Web on this type of criptomoneda, the ethereum is one of the ambitious projects of bitcoin but that there is nowadays.

In order to know a little but in depth envelope that is the ethereum and its impact they can look at the following video

However, that you need for being able to mine this type of criptomoneda? then we begin first with hardware, I clarify that what here specific is to arm a basic RIG with one to three gpu's, rig full requires of a greater investment and already will depend on your predisposition towards this.

The minimum to mine efficiently:

€“ Dual processor Core, although whatever preferably compatible with your card mother deberia to be sufuciente.

[Image: pentium_dual_core.jpg]

  €“ 2GB ram for a single GPU, 4GB if you glide to use 2 or but.

  €“ Almenos One (1) Gpu AMD of 3GB or but of Vram. In my case I use a Sapphire Radeom 7970

[Image: 61EYnzsgRVL._SX425_.jpg]

  €“ Card mother with sufficient ports pci-e for your gpu's.  I recommend the Asrock H81 BTC or the H97 Aniversary if you glide to add but gpu's in the future.

[Image: 2mXTi2TiBLnPs67q-s-.png]

€“ Extensores or Risers for the ports pci-e (in case of wanting to install 2 or but gpu's)

[Image: s-l300.jpg]

  €“ Source of being able with agreed certification gold to the amount of gpu's that glides to install in the system.

€“ Basic hard disk that has almenos the space sufficient to have the operating system and the different applications that we will require.

€“ A plastic drawer that makes the function of CASE and that maintains ventilated cards good

Now as far as software we will require of the following thing:

€“ Windows 7.8.8,1 or 10 of 64 Bits

€“ Amd APP SDK x64, You can unload it here

€“ Drivers Radeom Crimson 15.12: To unload here according to your system:   Windows 7 or Windows 10

€“ Ether that we will generate €œmining€ kept in a virtual purse or wallet. each with its different characteristics are several of these purses by the network, will place the one that I use who am a purse simple Web which will be able to check and to administer comfortably from their navigator.  They go to this connection and they are created his purse:
They place a key and they give him to GENERATES WALLET to YOU to create its virtual purse.
they remember to keep all the information from his passwords.

[Image: 23vm5ok.jpg]

Here already they will have created its purse, will be able to see its direction which begins in 0x€¦

They unload the file JSON which servira of key to be able to enter your purse
It tries to keep and to have an endorsement of this file since if you lose it you will not be able to enter your purse by this route.

Well now that you have your created purse you go away to the eyelash of the part superior that you says €œto View Wallet Info once€ there pedira file JSON key that you kept for being able to enter your purse. the loads and him DAS to unlock wallet finally to enter your purse.
Here you will be able to check whichever to ether you have available approval are to you depositing


[Image: 2zhqd4z.jpg]

But ahead it will explain as to send or to transfer our balance of ether to some exchanger to turn it into USD or another currency.

€“ Then finally to mine and to generate the Ether that we will sell or keep in our purse we needed a program, in my case I use ethminer. they can unload here making click

once they lower it decompress it where he is to them but comfortable, inside will leave something to them as which this in the following image:

[Image: k15qhs.jpg]

For this point they must already have installed all the programs before mentioned, additionally if instalenlas does not have the bookstores visual c++ of Microsoft then

€“ Now so that the miner begins to only work we needed to form it and to cause that one connects to some pool of data or servant in the network where groups of miners work of collective way to generate ethers. but comocidos they are Dwarfpool and nanopool. each pool has different policies from payment, it will already depend here on which they check them and they see what seems to them the best one for you. in my case I use a different one from these call which payment of automatic way whenever you arrive at 1 to ether.
in order to connect to this pool they must open and only modify the called file Ethermine-Stratum
inside they must write the following thing:

ethminer.exe €“ farm-recheck 200 - G - S 4444 - FS 4444 - TO STICK YOUR DIRECTION DE MONEDERO.rig1 HERE

They stick the direction of its purse where I indicate them and keep the changes.
the final part that says €œrig1€ is tag to identify our to worker or working when we have but of an equipment mining. they can leave it or thus place something that is to them but comfortable, as for example: jorge1 or minero1.

This is an example of how them deberia to have been everything:
ethminer.exe €“ farm-recheck 200 - G - S 4444 - FS 4444 - Or 0xc8e1233eD0cab3E0000D93a9161cDD6a4497403F.ktc01

Once ready everything and modified the Ethermine-Stratum file because they execute it in way administrator. they veran that he began to detect his hardware and to realise the connection with the pool. once they execute it will appear to them something similar to this:

[Image: 4toiua.jpg]

design Web in an

And finally already they will be mining here:

[Image: 68rktx.jpg]

And ready already when reaching 1 of ether they will receive its first payment directly to its purse, can check as the direction of its purse in the right part goes the thing in the page of the pool beating superior where Address says and they give check status him. at the outset they let the miner work almenos about 10 or 20 minutes so that the page throws results to them of its miner.

[Image: 25g89yg.jpg]

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Comments (7)

Santiago, 00:55, Julio. 09/2017

Brilliant, and very well easy but you did not finish explaining how to pass eth to some exchanger to be able to retire the money.

Fernando - Hosting Republic, 09:04, Julio. 09/2017

Hello Santiago, you prune to utilziar the portal of, Thank you very much

Gonzalo, 12:08, August. 12/2017

Hello Fernando, I screw oneself to do a consultation to you, followed all the mentioned steps and he appears an error to me, he tries search information on the matter and I saw that several have this disadvantage but I did not find some solution, you would know that problem is that?
I detail the error to you:

m 12:05: 57|main Getting work package€¦
X 12:05: 58|main Failed to submit hashrate.
X 12:05: 58|main Dynamic exception type: class jsonrpc:: JsonRpcException
STD:: exception:: what: Exception -32003: Client connector error: libcurl error: 7 - > Could not connect to


agus, 03:42, August. 21/2017

Best the post! Is my question€¦ how long approx takes in mining to ether with these equipment? Thanks!

hu2, 15:43, August. 23/2017

Thanks! , it depends much on the amount and time of hours that you dedicate to work with the equipment.

hu2, 15:44, August. 23/2017

Hello Gonzalo, re installs all the soft and installs the bookshops of java in your equipment.

He bathes, 08:41, June. 04/2018

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