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06 January 2019




Why to make publicity in Google Ads?

Marketing by Andrea Moncho
Self-managing store Online

Every time they are plus the companies (small, great medians and) that decide to dedicate part of their budget of marketing in Google. The reasons are at sight:


  • For halves of 2018, IT HUNTS it (Camera Argentina de Electronic Comercio) had already calculated a growth of 59% in the transactions related to electronic commerce with respect to 2017.
  • While the advertising investment in television is suspended, Havas agency calculates a 28% of growth in the digital investment for 2019.
  • To make publicity in Internet (social, seeking networks and YouTube) is economic than to rule in traditional means, which allows to entrepreneurs and small businesses to become more visible before its buying potentials.


To be right there when they are looking for to you: that is the key of the success. And that is exactly what it allows you to publicize in Google Ads. An administered good campaign allows to control your costs of investment, to fit them to your budget and to arrive at your objective public at the exact moment at which they need to you.


Internet saves time and, in many cases, also money. The searches in Google increase year exponentially to year, because every time we become more digital. Internet facilitates the life to us in innumerable aspects: no longer we must call by telephone to request food or a taxi, we can compare prices easily and even to consult opinions of another usuary on a product or service that interests to us. All this by means of a search that very instantaneously brings the results to us that we hoped to find. There it is the magic of Google.


The publicity in Google allows you to arrive at those who interests to you: we can even program your announcements for people who actively look for your product or service, that has a certain age, sex, that has interacted previously with your website. Our equation is simple: we show an effective message, we took traffic to your website and your business will have everything what needs to grow.


You do not wait for more: confiá in our professionals specialized in digital marketing to begin to add successes from Internet. Conocé our services doing click here.

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