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18 Sea 2019




WordPress 5,0 5,1 5.1.2 I update or I hope?

the news by hosting in an
  • Summary:
  • If you are in peak season of traffic Web we recommended to you at the moment you do not update.
  • If expert SOS in WordPress you do not update.
  • In anyone of the cases you prune to consult to our technical equipment and to advise to you.

From our experience in Hosting Republic we know that WordPress 5,0 is a breakthrough but we know that all our clients are not expert in WordPress, at the moment these versions are not stable until within some weeks and gustaria to help us to our clients we recommended to suspend the update until the incompatibilities are solved that are arising.


In case you want to update your WordPress site, then you prune to unload WordPress 5.1.1 or in your Writing-desk †’ Updates and to click in Updating now. Also if your site is compatible and your supplier of hosting allows actualzacion already automatic can be updated automatically.



In the version of WordPress 5,0 in future we have the new publisher of blocks who already comes by defect, thus and everything to the great majority of his I publish upsets to him and return to the classic publisher.

Queres to know as deactivating publisher Gutenberg and returning to the classic publisher in WordPress?

If we want to continue using the classic publisher we have the good news.

This Plugin serves to return to the classic publisher with the purpose of to help to whom they find in his webpage some incompatibilities with the new publisher in Gutenberg blocks.

It is necessary that you install plugin Publishing Classic and you activate it




After some times of tests with goings and returns, the famous one and hated publisher Gutenberg de WordPress are its greater newness in versions 5,0 5,1 5.1.2 in future.

We are speaking of a publisher to the Visual style Composer working with blocks and allows to administer the content to position images, videos, paragraphs and holders being dragged them within the box of content.


Also we were useful to tell you that we have the best supply for Hosting WordPress and also we counted on Technical Support Especilizado.

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