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01 Abr 2019




Seminaries live to create your own radio and armed of a transmitter online

Courses by hosting in an

We begin the week with the excellent news: we bring an unmissable seminary to them of Radio online TOTALLY GRATUITOUS!
Santi Alonso, the professor, has ample traditional and digital means experience. It is one of the founders of Magic Kids and Bender FM, two excellent radii that they transmit by streaming with us, and will share all knowledge in these unmissable classes.

The seminary will live be dictated from our Facebook in the following days and to horarios:
Saturday 6/4 13 hours
Wednesday 10/4 14 hours
Friday 12/4 15 hours

Armed of a transmitter online
Differences between FM by Internet and podcast
Radial experience €œProject Magic Kids€.
Movable radial experience and transmissions €œTo sell FM€.
Possible local mediums and means.
Tools to make radio.
Situation of the stations of FM in the Buenosairean suburbs and rear area.
Transmitters online as it forms alternative for FM already established.
Armed of a podcast

We waited for Them!

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