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Guide of fast help

As they are our DNS?




To form account of mail in Android

you steps can vary a little following the version of Android used, even so all the information necessary to complete the configuration you will find it next.

  1. When trying to form an account the asked for first step is usuary and password that would correspond to the data of the concrete account of email to form.
  2. After this Configuration is due to accede €œmanual€ (not to use following) where will be the type of account to form, we selected IMAP or MGP according to our needs.
  3. Next one will ask for the data of access to the incoming servant that must be of the following form:
    • User:
    • Password: password of the account
    • Servant IMAP or MGP:
    • Port: 143 for IMAP and 110 for MGP
    • Security: none
    • Area code IMAP: emptiness
  4. We select following and we completed the data of the servant of exit of the following form:
    • Servant smtp:
    • Port: 25
    • Security: none
    • Authentication: marked
    • User:
    • Password: password of the account
  5. Following and it will ask for the time to you of automatic verification of new post office as well as a name for the ready account and, already you will have your account formed correctly.
To form account of email in IPHONE

To choose your account

  1. Mail sees Adjustments > > Cuentas > Añadir counts.
  2. If you see your supplier of e-mail, select it to add your account of automatic form. If you do not see it, it selects Other to add to your account of form manual.

To form an account of automatic form

After selecting your supplier of e-mail, it follows these steps:

  1. It introduces your email address and your password.
  2. It beats Following and it hopes to that Mail verifies your account.
  3. 5- The content chooses that you wish to synchronize. It beats To keep.

To form a form account manual

Assure to you to know the adjustments your e-mail. If you do not know them, you can look for them or put to you with your supplier of e-mail in touch. Next, it follows these steps:

  1.  It beats To add account, it presses Another one and, next, it beats To add mail account.
  2. It introduces your name, email address, password and a description of the account.
  3. It beats Following. Mail will try to find the e-mail adjustments and will finish the configuration of the account. If Mail finds the adjustments, it beats To accept to complete the configuration.

If Mail does not find the e-mail adjustments, you will have to introduce them of form manual. When you introduce your email address and password, it beats Following and it follows these steps:

    1. It selects IMAP or MGP for your new account. If you are not safe of which to select, ponte in touch with your supplier of e-mail.
    1. It introduces the information of Servant of incoming mail and Servant of salient mail. Next, it beats Following. If you do not have that information, it tries in touch search it or ponte with your supplier of e-mail.
  1. If the adjustments of your e-mail are correct, it beats To keep to finish. If they are incorrect, it will be requested to you that you modify them.
Streaming - As using AUTODJ

To form Function AutoDJ €“ Centova Cast v3

DESCRIPTION: When carrying out the following guide you will be able to realise the configuration necessary to activate the function autoDJ in Centova Cast and to reproduce lists of way music automáticaa in his transmitter.

CONSIDERED TIME: 6 Minutes will be necessary to complete this guide

1) To enter the platform: It initiates session in the Control Panel CentovaCast. The URL of access, the user and the password was siministradas through welcome e-mail sending at the time of activation of account.


2) To deactivate the active emission: In order to activate/to desctivar the function autoDJ is necessary that first it stops any active emission. For it makes click in the button €œStop€ in the menu €œServant€.


3) To enter the menu configuration: It enters the option €œConfigurations later€ and click on the eyelash €œautoDJ€.


3.1) To qualify the AUTODJ option: In order to qualify the option autoDJ will have to change the option Been €œActivated€ AutoDJ to.  Later it makes click in the button update to keep the changes.


As it can observe, the left qualified a new called menu AutoDj.

4) To load the songs to the servant: From the AutoDj menu it makes click in the button €œArchives€.

4.1) To locate destiny of the archives: It later makes click in the average folder located in the left flank of the page and click in obón €œupload€ located in the part inferior of the page. It is important that it always places the songs in this location. Within it will mediapodrá to create carpteras to organize better his archives. 

4.1) To choose the songs to load: It clicks in the button €œTo select archives€ and looks for the archives in format MP3 of his computer. It can choose one or several archives to load at the same time. Once it has selected the archives, it clicks in Opening and these will be loaded the servant. It remembers that autoDJ will only reproduce archives in Mp3.

5) To relate the songs to a reproduction list: After its music has been finished raising the servant, it will have to go to the option €œaverage€ where it will be able to relate the songs raised a reproduction list. For it clicks in the button €œTo return€ in the part left inferior and later it clicks in the eyelash of €œMeans€ in the Autodj menu. There it will see all archives of music in a library multimedia, ordinate by artist, album or song.

5.1) To associate songs to the smooth ones of reproduction: Now already it can begin to feed the lists on reproduction. for it selects an artist from the lbiblioteca of means, the albums of that artist will appear in the right part. It clicks in the album that wishes and in the part inferior they will appear the songs of the selected album.

It can select one or several songs and drag them to any list of reproduction of the left flank. Make sure to deactivate any list of reproduction that does not own archives within the same. Right click can deactivate a reproduction list doing on the listing and selecting the option €œto deactivate€.

If it wishes to create, to publish and to administer a reproduction list, it will have to make click in the option €œAdminister Lists of reproduction€. There it will find all the options necessary to manage a listing.

6) To initialize the servant: If it already added musical archives to a reproduction list will be ready to initialize the servant and to enjoy their automated emission 100% AutoDJ. For this it goes to the main menu of the transmitter and makes click on the button €œInitiate€, located in the menu €œServant€.

€” €” €” €“


The following guide in video will allow him to visualize the detail of the procedure of Activation of AutoDJ from the Control Panel Centova Cast for his Streaming Radius




A quality subject chooses

First tip WordPress is related to the design Web. To choose a subject or soles is one of the most important decisions at the time of creating a site or blog.

The election goes much more there of the appearance, since a good design provides security, structure, rapidity of load and a great performance, which is translated in many benefits.

Your subject will depend to a large extent on the objective and the type of site that you want to create. It sails by Internet and it looks for the design that adapts more to which you need.

Gratuitous subjects and subjects exist premium. The premium one generally offers better support, higher design, options and standards.


It installs plugins necessary and suitable

Plugins is one of the main motors of WordPress and their excellent operation. They exist plugins for all type of needs, is why we must be careful at the time of choosing them.

They exist plugins €œuniversal€ that they work for all type of sites, without concerning the category or niche. These work for aspects as optimization SEO, security, to eliminate Spam, improvements in the speed of load, etc.

Also they are other that help to cover more specific needs. For example: electronic commerce, creation of memberships, sales, social integration of another software, networks and much more.

Most recommendable it is always to install plugins safe, of developer with good reputation, insurances and that well they are programmed. Plugins is shelp much on the danger to install too many, nevertheless, much more affects plugins of bad quality that the same excess.

It tries to find a good balance between the amount and quality of plugins that you install, perhaps because too many your site can do a little slower. Everything depends on many things, is why it is good for taking care of all the aspects of WordPress.


Constant update

With each update of WordPress that leaves they come including important new features from design, performance, functionality and security. It is why the best thing is always to update quickly to the most recent versions of the platform.

This tip also includes subjects and plugins, which often also is in constant improvement and optimization.

An up-to-date installation help to that everything works better.

FAQ €˜s

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How to optimize WordPress?

Now that I believe that already I have convinced to you so that you continue reading I am going to you to explain 9 advice to accelerate WordPress and to cause that the pages load faster.

It uses a professional subject

To buy a good professional group, that well it is programmed to work fluently, and that does not have excessive code, is one of the best investments than you can do for your blog.

Many professionals use the subjects of Genesis. In fact I myself them use for all projects and I am enchanted. Its design is very professional, there is a pile where to choose, and its operation is impeccable.

In addition, they also exist plugins that is going to allow to you to modify them without knowing nothing of code to the maximum, so they are adapted at all the levels of use.

And he is more, in Webempresa also recommend that if you are going to invest something of money in a professional subject, you do it in those of Genesis. In this entrance you will be able to read more in detail why.

He eliminates plugins that you do not use

I am not against installing all the plugins that you need, independent of the fact that they are 10 or 20. But I insist: those that you need.

If you have plugins that you do not use and are deactivated, eliminate them of your blog, since the only thing that does is to consume resources of your servant and to cause that it goes slower.

To have one does not pass anything, but when several join themselves the truth is that it is a quite unnecessary consumption of resources.

The same happens with plugins that does not add important functions: you do not abuse which is only an adornment, since in the end they can end up passing invoice in the time of load of your blog.

There is plugin that is called P3 (plugin performance to profiler) that serves to measure how it hits in the times of load plugins that you are using. And it measures them one by one to you.

It is not of more than from time to time you settle this plugin and you make a verification to make sure correctly that all march.

On the other hand, it installs plugins of quality. It before reviews the commentaries of the users and verifies if it is updated with certain frequency. And if you can find information on the internet of which it recommends it, better than better 😉

It uses plugin of cache and another one of lazy you praise

We follow with plugins, but this time to recommend to you that you settle one of cache.

These plugins what they do is to keep some small archives from static content (contained that it does not change) of your blog in the computer of your readers, therefore the next time that returns to put in him, instead of having to load all your blog from hosting, they will only have to load a part, since the other will be kept in its computer.

That is faster for them and better for you because therefore they are saturated except requests to your hosting.

Plugin that I use for this and that gives very good results is the WP Rocket Cache, but is of payment.

If you look for a gratuitous alternative 3 very good ones are: Super WP Breaks, Total W3 Breaks and WP Fastest Cache.

By the way, I leave to a tutorial of Super WP Cache here you in case you cheer up to prove it.

Then, although less important that plugin of cache, also is useful that you install plugin Lazy Load (mainly if you have a blog or Web with many images).

What plugin does this is to delay the load of the images that are not in the field of view of the reader (that is to say, those that not yet have left in the screen because the user has not arrived at them), and he is them loading according to are appearing.

The images usually are than more it takes in loading, so with this plugin you avoid that they must load all from the beginning and the speed of load when entering one of your pages improves considerably.

Anyway, so that the images are not a problem, the best thing is to optimize them. It continues reading that I will give a few tricks you on this advanced more.

It uses hosting of quality

Of all the advice who we are going to see, this one is one of most important (if not the one that more).

They are several things to which you must yourself fix at the time of contracting hosting for your blog, but we are going to pay attention now only to which they have to do with the speed.

First it tries that their servers are more close possible of the country where is the public to whom you go.

It is question of mathematics: the more close your blog of the house is stored where he is your user, the less distance will have to cross the information and the more fast it will load your Web.

Then, it tries that the discs where is stored the information are SSD, that they are much more fast that the normal discs of storage.

Another one of the things to which you must yourself fix is in the resources that hosting offers. It tries that it has sufficient memory and that can support precise tips of traffic without overloading itself.

If hosting that you choose has few resources and it is overloaded easily, your Web will be fallen with more frequency of the one than you would like, and that is bad for your image and the one of your brand.

And if company with that contracts are specialistic in WordPress, good than good, since not only it is that your WordPress blog is going to work better with them, but also that from his technical support go that is to say to solve better your problems.

And create to me if I tell you that when you have a problem you do not want to speak with anyone, but only with which it understands to you (that it has happened to me).

It optimizes the images of your blog

Here already I have mentioned to you before how some images badly optimized can affect negatively at the speed of load of your Web.

In this case they are two things to which you must yourself fix: size and weight of the image.

With respect to the size, the ideal is that the image is as large as your blog, neither the more great nor the more small.

In which you must yourself fix is in how of wide they are the images that are in the entrances of your blog, and to trim or to modify the size of the images to that width. You have to know that the width to that are the images in your blog depends on the group that you have used.

When greater weight is an image (more occupied space in the storage), reason why is slower to unload. And if she is smaller of the ideal size perhaps this one is pixelada in the screens of your users.

For that reason the best thing is than it has the size just.

In order to change to the size of an image the computers already usually they bring of series image edition tools, as much in Mac as in Windows. But you do not handle yourself with any, this tool online you can make use.

And with respect to the weight, once already you have the trimmed image, which you must do is to compress it so that their size in disc is the possible minor (that is to say, so that it occupies the possible Kb minuses).

For it I use the following tool:

He works of fable. Only that you must do is to raise the images already trimmed and it will compress them. Soon you you return them to unload and ready. You will already see how the image almost is no lost nothing of quality and nevertheless it occupies much less.

To optimize images is very simple and the truth is that she is one of the things that more impact they have in the speed of your blog. In addition, if you are client of Webempresa have a gratuitous service in which they compress them by you, helping you considerably to save a pile of space in hosting and improving therefore the speed of load of your blog.

Ten everything updated. Always

This is important for the speed of your blog, but also for its security.

Ten always the subjects, plugins and own WordPress updated to the last version, since normally the developers, in addition to new functions, always try to introduce improvements in security and speed.

Nothing costs to do it and you can be saved some that another problem.