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09 Sea 2017



Nintendo Switch €“ PURCHASE GUIDE: Price, characteristics, games€¦

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What is Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch is the last video game console developed by Nintendo and the first hybrid console that can be used as as much portable as of tablecloth. It on sale left the 3 March anywhere in the world, Spain including, to a price of 299 dollars (without counting taxes) and 30,000 yens. In Europe an official by the directives of the European Union is no price, but according to different stores, the price oscillates between 329.99 Euros and 319 Euros. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild accompanied to the console as one by the launching games, to assure that many users took control of her the first day. Still it has not been explained if dock has some function more than the one of support and extension of the power. Among others things have been confirmed that Nintendo Switch will be region free.

Date of launching and price

The console, already available on sale, left in the United States, Japan and €œthe majors European markets€, between which it is Spain, Friday 3 of March of 2017. As far as the price, this is what each one of the components of the console cost, including the accessories:

  • Price of the basic package with the video game console: it oscillates according to different Spanish stores between 319,99‚¬ and 329,99‚¬.
  • Price of the Switch pro Controller: 69.99 Euros.
  • Price of controls Joy-with (both): 79.99 Euros.
  • Price of a control Joy-with: 49.99 Euros.
  • Price of the individual Dock: 89.99 Euros.
  • Flying price: 14.99 Euros
  • Average price of the games: between 45 and 65 Euros.

This is everything what includes the standard pack of the new video game console of Nintendo:

Gallery: Nintendo Switch

  • Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Switch ahead
    Nintendo Switch ahead
  • Nintendo Switch - the console behind
    The console behind
  • Nintendo Switch - the Dock ahead
    The Dock ahead
  • Nintendo Switch - the Dock behind
    The Dock behind

Components, engineering specifications and details

Nintendo Switch is available for the purchase in 2 models, whose only difference is the color of the controls of each. In the standard edition the controls are gray and in the edition Neon one will be red and another blue one. Between the characteristics of Nintendo Switch and its components they are included:

Console with screen: this is the main piece with which we will be able to play and where we will connect the cartridges of the games. The screen has a dimension of 6.2 inches, is multitactile and reaches a resolution of to 1280×720. With respect to the hard disk of Nintendo Switch, this one has a 32GB memory, but this space can be extended by means of MicroSD cards or microSDHC until reaching 2TB (Terabytes) or what is the same, 2,000 GB.

More ahead this capacity of storage, could also be extended by means of microSDXC and external hard disks, but not during the first months of launching.

Power and Hardware: So far only one knows that Nintendo Switch counts on a processor Tegra de Nvidia modified. According to the tests realised by Foundry digitalis, the system of the video game console runs a slower 40% when it is not connected to the Dock, despite those are the developers that will be able to choose if their games will undergo changes between the way tablecloth and portable or will stay equal.

According to the last update of the console, this one is able to extract a 25% more of power of the GPU when it is not connected to dock with respect to his original values, nevertheless continues offering more speed of memory when it is connected, thus being its different values:

Speed of Memory in way tablecloth: between 1331,2MHz and 1600MHz
Speed of memory in portable way: only 1331,2MHz

Dock: it bases to change to the video game console to the way tablecloth, and so it will increase his power. It includes a port USB 3,0 and another 2,0 and in addition it emits the images to the television in HD thanks to his entrance of connection HDMI.

Controls Joy-With and Grip: in the box, they come including the controls with which we will control the video game console, and that can be disconnect of the same, thanks to a technology of rails. In addition also we will find the €œGrip€, an accessory to hold them as if one was a traditional Joystick. In case we do not like these new controls, Nintendo has put on sale separately, Pro Controller, a DAP with a classic design to play comfortably, and that in addition is totally compatible with the PC.

Other accessories including in the box: cable HDMI to emit signal to the television, cable of current with which to load the video game console, and strap for the controls.

Multiplayer Internet and: Nintendo Switch allows to basic connection to Internet by means of WiFi 802-11 a/b/g/n/ac and offers options of connectivity by means of Bluetooth 4.1. Among others aspects, can also be connected up to 8 videoconsolasde simultaneous way to play online. The multiplayer premises in a same console are confirmed stops up to 4 people to split screen.

Ways of the console: the great newness of Switch is that it allows to alternate between 3 positions or ways of game to adapt to the different needs from the players. By means of the way €œtabletop€ we will be able simply to use the console as a screen or tablet, the way TV allows to play comfortably in a television and thanks to the way €œhandled€ we will be able to play as if Switch was a portable console, with the controls the sides.

Size and weight: the dimensions of Nintendo Switch are of 102 xs 239 mm, with a thickness or width of 13.9 mm Including the 2 controls, the gross weight is of 398 grams but without them it will be of 297 grams. With respect to the base or Dock, this one has some dimensions of 104 xs 173 xs 54 mm and weight 327 grams.

If you want to know more referring details the engineering specifications Nintendo Switch, we recommended to you to read the following article

Nintendo explains the concept of the machine and its characteristics.
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Region free, battery, controls Joy-With and game online of payment

At the time of his official presentation, one hoped that Nintendo announced some secret surprise as they shelp to some speculations and the numerous innovating patents registered by the company, Nevertheless, it was not thus, and instead of speaking of hardware and teraflops, the Joycon controls assumed greater protagonism: these controls of acquittal and pon to both sides of the console have many more functions of those than we thought and give rise to new possibilities. In fact, two new games announced that will make exhaustive use of their functions. Also it was confirmed that the console will not have regional protection, that is to say, is region-free.

Duration of the battery between 3 and 6 hours

The battery of Switch is of 4310mAh and has an autonomy among 3 and 6 hours, although it can vary following the game, an amount that will leave satisfied many users or, at least, it will discard previous fears. The console will be compatible with all those portable batteries that so daily have become these last years, and it will be loaded to the complete one in 3 hours by means of a USB-C,

Game online of subscription from September and Free region

Perhaps the most controversial subject has been the one of the game online. He will be gratuitous until autumn of 2017, but as of that moment the players will have to pay in the same way by him who have themselves customary to soon do it first in the Xbox consoles and in PS4. In return positive, Nintendo will give to its subscribers a game of NES or Super Nintendo every month. This confirms, clearly, that will be a Virtual Console in Switch, but more details have not occurred. It is not known either how much it will be the monthly payment or annual of the service. Nevertheless, the console will not have regional protection, that is to say, is region-free.

the controls Joy-With

Joy-With, the controls that are to the sides of the touch screen, have shown some of their new possibilities. Reader NFC of Amiibos is integrated in the left control, that also has a button of €œshare€ in the style of the PS4 control. Each control has an independent sensor of movement, and the bellboys superiors L and R exert of pulsers. The Sticks analogical can be beaten, a newness in the case of the controls of Nintendo. The controls have a camera that can detect gestures of the hand, and individual vibration, in addition they will work by means of reloadable battery of 525mAh, which will give us to play some 20 hours approximately and will take in loading approximately 3 hour and a half to the maximum.

One of the great new features that they include the controls Joy-With is something that Nintendo has baptized as €œvibration HD€ a system of super vibration advanced that allows to notice until the most sensible and precise movements of the game, transferring them to the control.

Gallery: Joycon controls

  • Joycon controls - Joycon Controls ahead
    Joycon controls ahead
  • Joycon controls - Joycon Controls behind
    Joycon controls behind
  • Joycon controls - Joycon Controls of side
    Joycon controls of side
  • Joycon controls - Frame stops Joy-With ahead
    Frame stops Joy-With ahead
  • Joycon controls - Frame stops Joy-With behind
    Frame stops Joy-With behind
  • Joycon controls - Strap stops Joy-with ahead
    Strap stops Joy-with ahead
  • Joycon controls - Strap stops Joy-with behind
    Strap stops Joy-with behind

The console can be used as much as a portable one, with joycon to each side of the screen, as separating the Joycon controls and uniting them so that they form a minicontrol thanks to a frame. Also they count on some special strap that they talk back the bellboys.

The company explains to us how it works the portable concept and tablecloth of the new console.
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Where to buy Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch already is available for the sale, reason why we left a list you of the most excellent webpages, where you will be able to buy it to different prices:

Amazon Edition Neon (Blue and Red)
Amazon standard edition (Gray)

The first games that use the functions of the Joycon

These are them game that have accompanied to the launching of Switch and which they will make exhaustive use of his possibilities, allowing that two players can participate with a single cockpit controls Joy-With, each of them exerting as of Wiimote.

1, 2, Switch is a game for all the public in whom we must be pending of our rival who of the screen of the console. In the demonstration video we can see some of his funny possibilities. As far as ARMS, it is a species of Punch-Out in which the movements are detected using the new controls.

The Main announced video-games

As it were already confirmed a long time ago the games of Nintendo Switch are sold in format of cartridges within some extended title pages and transparent aspect. The main game of launching was Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but has announced many new games, some of them already rumored as: 2 Splatoon or The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and the new game of Mario, that has left us all enchanted.

These are the great announcements of the games that will leave for Nintendo Switch.

Super Mario Odyssey

With launching anticipated for this same 2017, Super Mario Odyssey is opened world game of Mario of the same style that 64 Mario or Mario Sunshine, but with a much more great this time and acclimated scene in the real world. It gives the impression by the trailer that Bowser has kidnapped to the princess by nth time, and this time glides to marry with her. Mario will have to furrow the real world with the help of a cap with own life, that as minimum it is used as floating platform for some jumps.

Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 has not either surprised anybody, the only thing is that we were expected a Splatoon 1,5 instead of a complete sequel. It will arrive being very continuista with the original one from Wii Or, but they promise that they will be improving and extending the game with the passage of the months, as they did with first.

Thus it is the sequel of the multiplayer game of Nintendo.
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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, the 28 of April

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has confirmed its nothing surprising existence thanks to a video of Youtube, and also that will arrive in a moment: the 28 of April. One is the so many times rumored complete and extended version of Mario Kart 8 for Switch.

Extreme Street Fighter II: Final The Challengers

Capcom has announced an unexpected game: Extreme Street Fighter II: Final The Challengers, a definitive version (the nth definitive version) of classic Street Fighter II. This time comes with two exclusive fighters Evil Ryu and Violent Ken and the option to see the completely renewed graphs, not only characters as in the Remix version, but also the scenes.

Gallery: Extreme Street Fighter II: Final The Challengers

  • Extreme Street Fighter II: Final The Challengers -
  • Extreme Street Fighter II: Final The Challengers -
  • Extreme Street Fighter II: Final The Challengers -
  • Extreme Street Fighter II: Final The Challengers -
  • Extreme Street Fighter II: Final The Challengers -
  • Extreme Street Fighter II: Final The Challengers -
  • Extreme Street Fighter II: Final The Challengers -

FIFA and the support of Electronic Arts

One of the best news for Nintendo, has been the confirmation of the support of Electronic Arts, a company that matched many for Wii but that it left quickly of side to Wii Or after sending games of the size of FIFA or Mass Effect 3 in the launching of that one machine. For Switch they have not announced more games than FIFA, that the players will be able to enjoy at the end of 2017, which means that it is FIFA 18.

The Elder Scrolls V: Confirmed Skyrim officially

Another open secret from the first video of presentation of the console, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will arrive presumably at Switch closely together of the date of launching. It will be the first game of Bethesda for a console of Nintendo, and also the first portable adaptation of one of the great games of roll of the last years.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Perhaps the most unexpected announcement is the one of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, the sequel of one of the best games of roll of the last years, that will arrive in a while at indetermine Switch. The trailer has left to the players with many desire.

Warriors Fire Emblem

Another game of which there is not much information still is Fire Emblem Warriors, a game style musou of the creators of Dynasty Warriors and Hyrule Warriors, but this time acclimated in the universe of Fire Emblem. It does not have date either.

The saga of roll of Nintendo gives the jump to the Musou sort.
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Shin Megami Tensei and Disgaea

Finally, two great Japanese games. Shin Megami Tensei will have a version for Switch that will celebrate the 10 anniversary of the saga, whereas Disgaea 5 Complete arrives this spring including all the sight in version PS4, and also the 8 new scenes, 4 characters and 3 classes that were sent as unballastable content.

Atlus advances how it will be the game.
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It includes the unballastable content of PS4.
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Which are the launching games?

We have made an extensive article, where we told you which will be the games that will on sale leave the same day of launching that Nintendo Switch and those that will be sent in the same month, in addition you can see the following video where you can see an introduction of these same titles

Frequent questions and doubts

He will be compatible with the Amiibo figures?

Yes. It has been confirmed that Nintendo Switch will be compatible with all the Amiibo figures, mendiante his reader located in the control.

He will be retro-compatible with Nintendo 3DS and Wii U?

No. has been confirmed that the console will not be compatible with Nintendo 3DS or Wii Either, or will not be at least put to use nor the cartridges of 3DS nor discs of Wii and Wii Or in the new console. One does not know if there will be digital retrocompatibilidad, that is to say, that the digital games that you have bought in Wii, Wii Or and 3DS will be able to be used in Nintendo Switch.

New game of Pokémon for Switch?

Yes. In addition, Tsunekazu Ishihara, the president of The Pokémon Company, already confirmed that there are new titles of developing Pokémon for Nintendo Switch, which opens the door to the possibility that we see for the first time a main delivery in a tablecloth platform (although also is portable), something that also will suppose an enormous jump in its technical section and possibilities.

Be put on sale some will package of the console with games including?

No. At least at the moment, the console will be sold of individual form, anything is had this on if this decision can change in the future.

He will be compatible with the virtual reality?

It is not known, but taking care of the technical limitations of the video game console, everything aims at that no.

Different designs and colors?

Perhaps you have seen the new console of Nintendo of several colors and designs in Internet, nevertheless, these images are fan work and so far a model with different colors is only known, the one of Joy-With blue and red.

Rumors and filtrations still without confirming

Officially, still it is not known how it will be Switch of powerful, although the study Image & Form considers that Nintendo €œhas not scrimped in power€ in comparison with previous domestic consoles.

Nevertheless, several British Webs have filtered information on some characteristics and the hardware that Nintendo Switch will use. These are the data that are well-known, but that has still not been confirmed:

  • Switch will be less powerful than PS4 and Xbox One, but more powerful than Wii U.
  • For the graphs, it will use a modified version of the architecture Maxwell de Nvidia, which is as technology Tegra X1 but with some modifications.
  • The CPU of the console would work as much to 1020 MHz in portable way as in way tablecloth.
  • The graphical card or GPU would work to 768MHz in tablecloth and 307.2 MHz in portable way, having less graphical benefits in this way.
  • According to another filtration, Nintendo Switch will offer Bluetooth 4,0 (confirmed) or superior (perhaps for accessories or controls) and would not count, according to these data, with no type of connection 3G or 4G LTE.

A great support of the Third Parties and Japanese companies

It seems that the Japanese companies are turning upside down in supporting great to Switch. Sega has announced Sonic Mania and Puyo Puyo Tetris, Square Enix a version of I a.m. Setsuna in addition to the mysterious Project Octopath Traveller of the creators of Bravely Default and the adaptations of Dragon Quest Heroes I and II (that are added to already confirmed Dragon Quest X and Dragon Quest XI). The Japanese creator SWEATS 51 has confirmed by surprise that Does not dwell Heroes will return with a sequel for Switch (the original one was one of the most showy games of Wii). Bandai Namco has confirmed that Switch will receive a version of Dragoon Ball Xenoverse 2, Konami that Super Bomberman R will have an exclusive version for Switch.

In addition, Nintendo will return to enjoy the support of the external companies (third parties), and already is multitude of developer and publishers working in taking its games to Switch.
Among them they emphasize names as Bethesda, Atlus, From Software, Activision, PlatinumGames, Electronic Arts, Square Enix, Ubisoft, (that are excited with this platform), Bandai Namco and Warner Bros, to mention only a few examples, reason why everything aims at that it is going away to correct one of the great deficiencies of Wii U. You can consult the complete list of companies that will support right next:

€“ 505 Games
€“ Activision Publishing, Inc.
€“ Inc. Audiokinetic
€“ Autodesk, Inc.
€“ BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
€“ Bethesda
€“ Codemasters
€“ CRI Middleware Co., Ltd.
€“ DeNA Co. , Ltd.
€“ Electronic Arts
€“ Epic Games Inc.
€“ Firelight Technologies
€“ FromSoftware, Inc.
€“ Frozenbyte
€“ GameTrust
€“ Gungho Online Entertainment, Inc.
€“ HAMSTER Corporation
€“ Havok
€“ Konami Digital Entertainment Co. , Ltd.
€“ Inc. LEVEL-5
€“ Inc. Marvelous
€“ Maximum Games, LLC
€“ Nippon Ichi Software, Inc.
€“ Parity Bit Inc.
€“ Inc. PlatinumGames
€“ RAD Game Tools, Inc.
€“ RecoChoku Co., Ltd.
€“ SEGA Games Co., Ltd.
€“ Studio silicone Corporation
€“ Spike Chunsoft Co. , Ltd.
€“ Starbreeze Studios
€“ Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.
€“ Telltale Games
€“ THQ Nordic
€“ Tokyo RPG Factory Co., Ltd.
€“ TT Games
€“ Inc. Ubitus
€“ Unity Technologies, Inc.
€“ Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
€“ Web Technology Corp.