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05 June 2017




18 FIFA Trailer €“ Cristiano Ronaldo sera the cover

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18 FIFA Ronaldo Edition will give three days of advance access

Electronic Arts has announced through press note that Cristiano Ronaldo will be the cover of FIFA 18 and will be a special edition of the game for PS4, Xbox One and PC, €œRonaldo Edition€, with extras evaluated in 60 Euros and advance access.

Next to the announcement of which Cristiano Ronaldo will be the star of cover of the edition of the soccer simulator of this year has published the first trailer of the game, that you can see in the beginning of these lines.

Mentioned Ronaldo Edition will be three of advance access to the game (that is to say, will be able to be begun to play Tuesday 26 of September), 20 envelopes gold premium Jumbo, 8 special equipaciones of FUT designed by artists of the sound track of 18 FIFA and the cession of Cristiano Ronaldo for five parties of FUT.

Also, the members of EA Access in Xbox One or Origin Access in PC will be able to prove FIFA 18 during 10 hours from Thursday 21 of September. In addition, the members of the service will have a 10% of discount if they buy the game through Xbox Live or Origin.

That Ronaldo is carried of the game means that their characteristics better will be represented in the title developed by EA Vancouver and EA Romania, which helped €œto realise important improvements in the game mechanics, including more fluidity, explosiveness in the movements and better response time€, according to the press note.

The forward of the Real Madrid C.F. and the selection of Portulgal was chosen in the 2016 as best soccer player of the FIFA and has been the first player in writing down his goal number 100 in European competitions. In addition, he has gained the Ball of Gold and the Gold Boot among others so many awards.

FIFA 18 will leave the 29 September in Playstation 4, 360 Xbox One, PC, Playstation 3, Xbox and Nintendo Switch, platform in which EA Sports FIFA will be called to droughts. We will know to more data of the game in the EA Play 2017 that will take place the 10 of June to the 21:00 Spanish hour.

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