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07 June 2017




As making my own website in simple steps

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When I began to do my first webpage almost did not have knowledge on this subject. It was as the children with new toy, breaking it everything to discover how it works. After giving blow me after blow behind the screen of the computer I have learned and itself learning. Now I am going to help to you that your you learn and I will begin to basically enumerate the steps to you that there are to follow to create a Web from zero.

1. To use our Constructor Of Sites

One of the simple forms but at the time of creating your own website without having to engage a programmer is to use our Construction service Of Sites, with the same podras to create your compatible and totally adaptable website in minutes for all the devices of nowadays, as thus also podras to add a cart of purchases, all the means of payments and to offer a professional image around any site of high level. We invited to you to know doing it here click


2. The beginnings

Before they were developed to the present programs of design Web, everything was made by hand. The famous and predominant programming language HTML, Hypertext Markup Language (hypertextual markup language), was the one that was used to give the format to a static webpage that was what until then it was possible to be done. By means of this code, the programmers had to create the Web in their head and soon to shape it in the computer by means of indecipherable codes for any human (at the moment HTML continues being the basic structure of all webpage).

With time, one of the first programs that memory that was used for model-making with HTML was Microsoft Frontpage, that came including in the package of Office when Windows98 was used. It was well for beginning and the results, with a little imagination, were satisfactory.

With happening of the years, other companies, as it is the case of Macromedia, designed a called interface Dreamweaver (at the moment it belongs to Adobe) and are one of the used programs more for the programming of webpages, among others.

In addition to HTML, that is the basic language to create a webpage, other complementary programming languages exist that are those that helps to that the pages present Webs have dynamism. One of these languages is PHP (programming language Sorce Open) that is the used one by the great majority of the present CMS or €œcontent managers€ (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal) and is a programming language used for the development Web of dynamic content.

3. Domain and Servant

The domain is the name that will have your webpage in the URL with which they will be able to visit to you. It is of the form and in the URL of the navigator one visualizes as or according to you prefer.

The servant (also called hosting or lodging) is the place where you will be able to lodge all the content of your webpage.


The domain and the servant are related to each other by means of directions IP that are established in the servant so that they can work in Internet. These directions IP are assigned to the domain so that it aims at this servant and this way when you key in navigator you can see your webpage online.

In Internet you can free find servers and domains or of payment.


4. The CMS and Plantillas

Since I have mentioned to you previously, the CMS are content managers who facilitate the work to us since these are in charge in their majority to create code to us HTML sometimes and the CSS (style sheets) of our webpage. One of the known and used CMS more is WordPress by its easy use and attractive design.

The groups are the heart of the CMS. It is a package of archives designed by means of rules so that they are compatible with the CMS. These already they have built-in the code HTML and CSS that will appear in our webpage. They are possible to be personalized if you know a little HTML, CSS and PHP but normally come predesigned to install and to use without you have previous knowledge, that easy!

You can also find gratuitous groups googleando a little and payment. My favorites are those of Themeforest that is not more than a platform online of professional groups created by several authors.


5. Positioning Web (well-known also as SEO)

And so I have to you until now counted, very summarized, we could have a domain, a servant and the CMS to begin to create our Web from zero. But, and in which it leaves from the 50.000.000 of results of Google it will be your webpage when they look for it?

Here the funny thing from the subject, the SEO comes. This €œmanual€ is the procedure that we must do so that our webpage is positioned in Google and can appear as a result of a search.

In the blog you will be able to find some referring articles to the SEO for WordPress.

6. Social networks

Nowadays it is very important to know that, with the help of marketing in social networks, our webpage created from zero will begin to have much more importance and to gain relevance in the niche that we want to compete.

From now on, you can be made an idea of how the process works to begin to create your Web from zero. In the blog I will be giving the most retail keys to you of the steps to do it. The only thing that you need is to have many desire and not to stop. In this world there will be images that are not seen, letters of other sizes and colors, forms that are not sent but that with a little help we will cause that your Web works. SUCCESSES!

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