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16 June 2017




That is what contributes a webpage to the institutional image of the company?

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How help does a webpage the image of its company?

One of the important values but for the companies is what they feel his clients and the general opinion of the society with respect to the perception of his brand. We will see in this article the important values but that it contributes a webpage to the image of its company.

That is the institutional image of a company?

The corporative image talks about to how a company is perceived. It is a generally accepted image than a company €œit means€. The creation of a corporative image is an exercise in the direction of the perception. It is created mainly by the experts of public relations, using mainly communicational campaigns, social platforms Web (webpages, networks) and other forms of promotion to suggest a mental picture to the public.

Typically, a corporative image designs for being attractive the public, so that the company can bring about an interest between the consumers, generates wealth name brand and facilitates thus sales of the product. The image of a corporation is not only created by the company.

That is what contributes a webpage to the institutional image of the company?

The perception that has people with respect to a company has much to do with the attention the client, the efficiency of its technical or professional support, the quality of its products/services and the commitment that the company offers with respect to solutions of common problems of its clients.

With a webpage we can for example:

  • To offer an information channel on products and/or services that we offer.
  • To offer attendance to the common problems but of way to make agile the steps that there are to do.
  • It is possible to be invoiced and to be received to the clients by electronic way, avoiding the shipment of collectors or who the client must approach the company simply to pay.
  • Forums can be created public where the clients can share different utilities that they give to his products and to pose doubts on the same, which gives the possibility him of improving the product in next versions, taking analysis and complaints from the own consumers.
  • The possibility can be offered to the clients of buying new products/services from the comfort of its house or office.
  • Information updated on the products can be offered to the client that they have bought, new features, contests and action of marketing that increase the knowledge of the client with respect to the brand.

We can speak infinitely on the possibilities, limits that we have this yet is so creative what we can be with respect to the creation of the webpage? and also this limited by the technical knowledge of the technologies Web.

In order to be able to create a webpage that serves to these intentions, it is necessary to consider What type of company is? Who are the consumers? What products are offered? What needs cover these products/services? What information service needs the clients to use the product correctly/? , etc. and on the basis of all this information to see as is the best options for their company


All these elements that have been listed are the test that in Internet the image of the company offering can be improved new products, has supported technician, participation of the clients in the processes of revision of our products (nobody has the perfect product, is something that is updated constantly according to the necessity of the client).

Without a doubt all this generates confidence in the company and this takes prepared one better perception of the company from the point of view of its consumers.

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