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16 February 2017




Best gamers of the region is in Tecnópolis this Sunday

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Best gamers of the region is in Tecnópolis this Sunday

Of Legends will be the regional end of the League video-game. that it faces an equipment with another Mexican; it will also have transmission via streaming


FRIDAY 06 OF NOVEMBER OF 2015 €¢ 00:05
The end of the League of Legends in 2014
The end of the League of Legends in 2014.

ESports, or electronic sports, every day hold fast more as a spectacle worthy to fill stages. With massive matches as World-wide of League of Legends (to multiplayer online in equipment), the video-game that the past Sunday took more than 60 thousand people to Mercedes Benz Arena in Berlin, the video-games begin to compete to him to the traditional sports in hearing.

The champion of this mega-event Berliner was the Korean team SK Telecom T1, that remained with the glass and for the second time pocketed 1.000.000 of dollars of prize by its action.

But everything does not happen far from our country, gaming of high competition also has its space. The next Sunday to 10 in the morning the stage roof of Tecnópolis will lodge to the best equipment of Latin America of the League of Legends: they will dispute the Logitech G Challenge, that will distribute 10 thousand dollars in prizes. With more than 6000 actual spectators and about 45,000 that will see it by streaming, Logitech G Challenge shows how the digital sport entertainment is not only one fashion. Between the equipment that will participate they are Lyons Gaming of Mexico, Latin Kaos Gamers of Chile and the ans of Isurus Gaming, that slowly are positioned as a model to follow for all the equipment that they try to be professional in the flaming world of the pro-gaming.

Facundo Calabró, manager and director of Isurus, tell that not only they compete in League of Legends, but also in another game online in equipment EQUIPS to 2 (similar to the League of Legends; in the match The International he gave 18 million dollars in prizes) with which they participated in massive Brazil Game Show and the virtual letter game HearthStone, as FIFA 16 and videogame of Street Fighter fight.

But the director of Isurus assures that the growth of the League of Legends is now much more strong in the region since an official league settled down itself: €œSince Riot (creative of the game) settled down in Chile, it professionalized the teams of the league, which allows that there are pays for the players. Today those that play in the official league are all professionals. We have the luck to be long ago in this and for that reason we got to do to us well-known€.

According to Calabró, the restrictions in our country delay the development of the professionalism in the video-games: €œin Argentina, the technological market is not the best one. The restrictive policies of imports do not let to us arrive at the development that has Chile in this heading. Also we tried always to go for ahead, and to continue being competitive. We are going away to Chile to play the league, to handle itself from having the same opportunities there and harnessing our players, who are talentosisimos.€

From the point of view of the companies that exploded with the business of the matches of video-games, Ignacio €œTheArgie€ Estanga, manager of relations for Latin America in, the service that allows to see games of games by streaming, are surprised by the great growth of the popularity of streaming of matches of eSports: €œI have been in the atmosphere for almost 6 years, happened as a fan, soon as commentator and finally working for Twitch. We happen to have a single equipment with a hegemonic presence in Latin America to have good representatives in all the region. When I began to look at parties online we had 5000 spectators and today we have 5 times more in regional matches. Every month we see the most popular emitters with 15 thousand simultaneous spectators, regional matches with 45 thousands and one constant demand€.


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