Codepen, a tool of testing for developer Web

With the idea to continue presenting useful tools for developer Web, we want to show a perfect one to them for those occasions in which you wish to prove a little code Javascript, for example. Some platforms exist that save the task to you only of forming complete surroundings for something of testing. Codepen is one of them because it manages that you concentrate yourself in the important thing, to try what you have in mind were the somewhat secondary rest.

Codepen is a patio of tests stops views or front-end of the Web. It is an interactive tool of testing focused in educating and sharing. Or it is that you need to prove a reduced case of test to find errors or simply to give a look of your completes creation and to obtain feedback of other users, Codepen comes you as ring to the finger.

Knowing Codepen

Codepen is a tool of rapid prototyping and test of code fragments. It offers a functionality and user interface quite intuitive and easy to use. In its panels there are ready columns to prove HTML, CSS and Javascript with only making click to the option new pen. This way he is very simple to visualize your code; it allows you to update noticeable or the Javascript quickly and to obtain immediate results, that are exactly what a developer needs. Some of their characteristics to stand out are:

  • You can make references to libraries of third parties
  • Guard fragments of code for later use
  • He allows to share fragments of code through customized connections
  • The opportunity stimulates the collaboration giving to contribute with other developers in the same code
  • To absorb or to inlay fragments of code in other sites
  • Javascript linting

Codepen has a gratuitous edition and a version Pro with more functionalities. CodePen PRO includes functions as a live previous view of code through multiple devices, to in line pair programming in real time and Professor Mode, wonderful for training and classes. If you choose to buy the subscription, it has a value from $9 to the month or $75 the year.

If you wish to be with the news of Codepen you can visit his blog or follow them in his account of Twitter.