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10 Mayo 2017



Google Analytics tutorial for Nascent

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In this tutorial you will learn Google Analytics step by step so that you begin to implement it in your project Web.

In broad strokes what you will find in this video on Google Analytics they are the following points:

€“ What is?
€“ Why it serves?
€“ How to install it in my Web?

What is Google Analytics and because you would have to use it:

It is a tool free with which you can see how much people visit your Web and have data on:
€“ Since country visits to you
€“ Since devices movable, Tablet, PC.
€“ Since social networks
€“ Which are the visited pages more
€“ Ages Sex, etc

You must use stops it:
€“ to see what thematic of your Web has more visits to orient your strategy to which they have more visits creating contained similar or related

Steps to install Google Analytics:

To open the Web of Analytics:
To create an account
To initiate session with your account of Google
Register yourself: to fill up required data + Obtener YOU GO of pursuit + Aceptar

To install Google Analytics in your webpage:

Method 1. Installation manual: To manually insert code of pursuit of Universal Analytics:
€“ To copy the code
€“ In panel of administration of WordPress:
Appearance €“ Publisher €“ Head of the subject header.php and you open it
€“ Now it locates the label and it sticks the code just before
€“ To update file.

Method 2: Installation with plugin Google Analytics for Dashboard WP
To install and to activate plugin:
Google Analytics eyelash in the panel of WordPress €“ General Adjustments
To obtain access code + Permitir + Copiar code + to stick code + Guardar access code

General concepts in Google Analýtics:

  • Sessions: they are the visits that you have had.
  • Users: it is the number of different people that they have visited to you. If I visit 3 times to you the day, she will only tell me once.
  • Organic searches: number of key words that the internauts in Google look for to accede to your Web
  • Number of visits to pages: number of pages that the users have visited. If I visit your Web and sail by 4 sections that you have, the seen pages will be 4.
  • Seen pages: number of pages seen in the Web
  • Rate by ricochet: it is the percentage of users who have left your page without interacting nor visiting another one of your sections or articles.
  • Location: it shows to you from where your visits come
  • Pages: visited Webs more of your Web
  • References: from where the Youtube visits arrive to you, Facebook, Twiter, etc
  • Searches: keywords that people in Google look for and by that it has acceded/found your Web
  • Traffic: information on visits to your Web: average of traffic, social types of user, web search engines and networks
  • Technology: statistical on navigators, operating systems, resolutions of the screen and it marks of the mobile
  • 404 error: nonaccessible pages, that they are not opened pretending to be defeats: fast solution: I connect permanent + to keep

Consulting data in Google Analytics:
Main page: here they appear the Webs that you have associate. Many can be associated.
Information: this it is the section of the statistics similar to which we have seen before but with very many more options
Personalisation: it allows to create customized information
Administration: here you can see your accounts, the Web sites that you have connected, to apply filters and to obtain the pursuit code again among others