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14 Mayo 2017



Google tutorial my Business from 0

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Google My Business is a critical tool online for the management of your (s) business (s) local (it is) and must as objective unify all the products of Google to support to the local positioning of the companies, such as Google Places, Google Maps and Google+ (the idea is that by means of this platform, it is possible to be acceded to all the functionalities of products of Google that uses a company thus and, is made everything simple much more).

tutorial google my business positioning local businesses

If you are owner of a local business you will have realized of which its interface often usually changes and, although is to better, is very important that you know to use it correctly since has many €œmysteries€. I am going to try to show it to you from your point of view, that is to say, I am going away to put in the situation of which I want that my local business leaves in the results search of Google. For it I need a name (Manolo for example) and a business online (an inn).

We go to it: €œManolo is an amiable gentleman who has a likeable inn in Madrid. It has a limited budget to the promotion of his business online and, after to have created a beautiful webpage, does not know what to do so that its company appears on the front page of the finder and to secure more reserves€. We are going to see what must make Manolo to manage to leave in the results search when somebody looks for its inn.

What is Google my Business

Although already there am it to you counted more above, but to clarify it once again: Google My Business is a tool made in Google that allows the users to manage, through a Control Panel, the profile of a Local company in Google Maps and Google Plus. You have yourself lost? We are going to begin by the principle. As probably you know so that a webpage has to certain relevance at level SEO is very important that it par excellence has a profile in the social network of Google: Google Plus.

If still you do not have it not you worry because to avoid that the small businessmen had to do against more worries, Google has created a product able at the same time to offer visibility in the finder, Google Maps and Google Plus for all the devices: Google My Business. The video will leave good flavor you of mouth:

How you have remained? With many doubts truth? We are going to go slowly and with good letter so that you understand everything what you need to create your local universe in Google.

Local business or brand?

tutorial google my business to choose type of company

Google allows you to choose between €œShowcase€, €œService area€ and €œBrand€

First it is to select the format that adapts more to the activity of your company: Google gives you to choose between €œShowcase€ (restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, stores, etc), €œService area€ (plumbers, food to take, service of taxis,€¦) and €œBrand€ (sport Products, equipment, groups of music, causes, etc). If your activity is developed in a store or the physical premises to which your clients go, the first option is rightest.

If, to offer your services, usually you move to the place where is your client, the second option chooses. Third he is destined to the promotion of a brand and the location happens to background, since Google directly sends to you to create a page of Google+.

tutorial google my business paginates google extra

If you choose the option of €œBrand€ Google gives the option you to create a page of Google+

The brands, the organizations and the artists can use Google My Business to have presence in Internet and to connect with their clients and fans. The pages of brands do not include any direction or physical location that appears in Google Maps, nevertheless, offers several options so that the organizations can arrive at their followers, fans and clients through Google+. If you are going to create a page for your organization, it is important that you have present that the pages can have several administrators.

Google tutorial my Business €“ First steps

Once you know clearly that your company develops to its activity in a store or the physical premises to which go your clients or usually move to the place where is your client, assure to you that the company fulfills the directives of Google. For it you have to follow a series of steps.

#1 Crea an account or initiates session in Google

tutorial google my business to create account to initiate session

First of everything it is to have an account of Google (requisite essential), later only you must accede to the page and to select €œAppears in Google€ to be able to register the profile.

#2 Elige the type of company

tutorial google my business to choose type of company

The first step is to choose Showcase or Service area, the option that better describes your business.

#3 Busca your business in Google Maps

tutorial google my business search local business

When you write the name of your company and no of the results agrees with your local business, add it you yourself filling up your data.

#4 Reclama the card if it already exists

tutorial google my business to demand local card

In Google the case can occur (quite frequent by the way) of which when you realise the search of your business, are businesses that have registered without your you have done nothing. This can happen because Google publishes businesses from data that takes of other sources, as for example Yellow Pages, Yelp and other directories or aggregators. In the majority of the cases the managers of those businesses not even know that it is Google Places and he can get to become a problem when you want to demand a business card that belongs to you and that, in addition, can contain information little needs or out of date. Two cases usually appear:

  • Businesses generated automatically by Google: In this case the solution is simpler. You can accede to Google Maps and create a new account for your business. During the process they will request the phone number of the company and You please will tie the data that already it has stored to your account. At this moment you will be able to modify the data so that they are correctly in Google Places. The changes can take in being, you are not impatient. If within 7-10 the data have days not been updated, you can use this form to communicate the incidence to Googles
  • Businesses created and validated by previous proprietors: Fastest it is to put themselves in touch with the previous proprietor and to ask for the access data to him, or that bristle the management of the card of the business. This not always is easy, so you can decide on a solution similar to the previous one.

You must create your own card of business and of hoping to validate it with the PIN that Google will send to you by email postal (2-3 weeks) to verify that the direction is correct, as I am going to teach more abajp to you. Once he is all correct one, you must communicate to Google that exists duplicated cards of the same business so that it eliminates the one that is out of date.

tutorial google my business to demand local card

#5 Añade your local business

tutorial google my business to add local business

Stuffed the data that Google requests and tries to review them to you before making click in €œContinuing €œ. If beams click in €œI offer goods and services in the location of my clients €œ, when you make click in €œContinuing€ takes to you at the rate that there is just underneath.

#6 Añade your service area (if you have it)

tutorial google my business to add service area

This step leaves if you have made click in €œI offer goods and services in the location of my clients €œ.  All the local busines do not offer service to their clients from a conventional physical business. For example, some companies operate from a particular direction and others do not have a fixed establishment nor a central location. If your company takes care of the clients in its locations, you must appear in Google as company with zone on watch. You will be able to establish the zones on watch indicating postal codes or cities where you work or a specific zone around your location. Also you can select the option €œAlso I take care of the clients in the direction of my company €œ, if you only want that it appears in Google your complete direction and if there is personnel in the company that can receive to the clients during the established hours.

#7 Verifica your local business

tutorial google my business to confirm local business

In order to assure that the information is truthful and correct, Google asks the users who carry out the verification of the own local business. The verification can be realised by email or by telephone (this last one is the fastest form because it is solved in the act) and consists of receiving a PIN that will activate the card of My Business automatically.

tutorial google my business to verify local business

Google is going to you to ask that you verify it to make sure that the information that you have sent is the correct one. Based on the type of company, it is possible that they are one or several types of verification:

  • Postal verification: Google will send a postal mail to you with a verification code to the direction of the company that you have provided to us. Assure to you that the direction fulfills the directives to introduce directions.

tutorial google my business to verify local business postal mail

First it is to send to your name the postal mail

tutorial google my business to verify local business to introduce the code

When it arrives the letter to the direction is question to put the code

  • To verify by telephone (available for certain companies): The verification by telephone is not available for all the companies. If this option is not when trying to realise the verification, it follows the previous steps to ask for a postcard.
  • Instantaneous verification (available for certain companies): If you have already verified the website of the company with the Tools for webmasters of Google, you can use the instantaneous verification to administer the company. It initiates session in Google My Business with the same account that you have used to verify your site with Tools for webmasters of Google. Ten in account that is possible that the instantaneous verification is not available for certain categories of company.
  • Massive verification (available for companies with more than ten locations): If you manage more than ten locations of a same company, you can ask for a massive verification in Directions of Google My Business. When you have verified it, it is possible that is a warning in which lets know that you verify the information and you make the final changes that are necessary. When the information is updated, you click in €œFinalizing edition €œ. You will not be able to update the name of the company until the verification process has been completed.

Note: You are of luck! If your local business already is present in Google Plus the presence in Google My Business will be automatic. When you have verified the information your company, the updates that you do, as the contact information, the description, the photos or the commercial schedule, will be able to be shown in Google Maps and other properties of Google.

Google tutorial my Business €“ Control Panel

tutorial google my business Control Panel

Once created the profile in Google My Business the moment arrives for presenting your local store, exactly as està making Manolo. But, How to do it? Google My Business is the ideal showcase to show your clients your supplies, services and products. What does really valuable to Google My Business is the possibility of managing through an only Control Panel the statistics, the reviews and the results of your local profile. These are the tools that Google My Business offers to its users:

  1. Photo of profile, title and description: In this section you add he title, the description and the photo of profile with which you want that other they see you. In the case of Manolo, the logo of its inn (although if it were tratrase of blogger, for example, it could directly be his face)
  2. Edition options: Google makes your available edition options, so that navigation through site is comfortable
  3. Information of the local business: In this section it is all the information that concerns the local business
  4. Guide of how much it is left you to complete your profile: Google informs to you at any moment, with a species of €œinformer€, the information that you need to fill up to have finished profile 100%
  5. Google Adwords: This it is a connection to Google Adwords, in case you need to promote your local business in his area of activity
  6. Google+: It is possible to publish photos, videos and updates of status directly in the page of Google+ from the Control Panel
  7. Insights: Once verified the business it is possible to accede to the statistics of the profile and to monitor the visibility, engagement and the typology of hearing
  8. Reviews: Through this eyelash it is possible to administer the reviews received on the part of the users
  9. Hangout: It allows to realise conferences with your users and potentials clients

Google tutorial my Business €“ card Configuration

#1 Añadir profile photo

tutorial google my business Control Panel

To add the profile photo is as easy as to make click in €œAdding to photo of profile€ or to the blue circle of the left part superior of the page. You can add different types from photos in the page of your business. These are the different types from photos that you need to know in Google my Business:

  • Photo of profile: It adds a profile photo so that the clients can recognize the business in Google. The profile photo will appear outstanding next to the name of your company in your page of Google+. In your profile you would have to use a photo different from the logo of the company, that must appear in the section €œLogo€
  • Photo of cover: it adds a cover photo to transmit the personality of the page. The cover photo is the great photo that is in the part superior of the page of Google+. Ten in account that this photo will be cut to adjust to a proportion of 16:9 (more down I explain to you)
  • Logo: It adds your logo so that the clients can identify the business. The square logos are better in Google. You can use your logo as profile photo. Your logo will not appear in your page of Google+, but you can choose that it represents your company in Maps and Search of Google following the steps that are described next
  • First photo in Google: It recommends the photo that you want that the clients see along with the name of the business in Google Maps and the search of Google
  • Specific photos of the business: it adds this type of photos to emphasize characteristics of the business that the clients can use to make decisions from purchase

Practices recommended before raising the photos

The photos will be better in Google if they satisfy the following requirements:

  • Format: JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP
  • Size: between 10 KB and 5 Megabyte
  • Minimum resolution: 250 pixels in the longest side for the photo of profile and the logos; 720 pixels in the longest side for the other photos of the business
  • Proportion: the greatest value as large as the photo must be, at the most, four times superior to smallest. The horizontal photos are better than the verticals in products of Google. It can be that for the vertical photos different proportions are used.
  • Quality: the photo must be focused, made level well, cannot have modified with Photoshop nor to have clarified with too many filters. Also, the image must represent the reality.

The photos also must be excellent for the company represented in the page. In particular, they must fulfill the following thing:

  • They do not have to only contain text, unless this is excellent for the place. For example, the menu of a restaurant or a photo of the showcase with great letters can be used.
  • That they do not have copyright, unless you have permission to publish them
  • It must have an acceptable quality of photos, since the photos too blurred, with noise, drawees or too dark will be able to be eliminated
  • They must represent the location of the company in the real world

#2 hour Añadir

tutorial google my business Control Panel

If you have a schedule of sale to the public or of visits this it is the moment for putting it, since when somebody looks for, through a movable device your business online, Google tell him if he is the open or not business, following which you have put here. Take it to you in serious.

tutorial google my business to add opening schedule

#3 Añadir photos of the local business

tutorial google my business Control Panel

As it had already explained to you more above, your business will be better in Google if you add specific photos of its category. These photos serve to show characteristics of the business that the clients can use to make decisions from purchase. The photos that years also will contribute to differentiate the business in Google.

Note: Google can choose to favor real photos to file images

Description Minimum amount Suggestions
Photos of outside The outside photos allow the clients to recognize your business when they approach from different directions. It at least adds three good photos of outside to help the clients to recognize the business. 1. It realises a photography from each one of the directions that the clients can use to arrive at the business.
2. It tries to raise photos that show your business at different moments from the day.
Photos of interior The interior photos allow the clients to know the atmosphere and the decoration the business. It at least adds three good photos of interior to show the clients how it is the business on the inside. 1. It realises photos that show of realistic form what it feels when being within the business as client.
2. It tries to shape the atmosphere of the business in the photos.
Product photos Some good photos of representative or popular products will offer to the clients a better knowledge of the product type who you offer. It at least adds three good photos of the products that you sell. 1. It shows the most popular articles of your business.
2. It tries to realise photos of your products with a uniform illumination.
Photos at work The photos allow the clients to quickly include the type of work that beams. It at least adds three representative photos of the services that you offer. 1. It realises photos of your equipment rendering different types on watch from the clients.
2. It realises photos of the special services that you offer.
Photos of food and drinks The drunk photos of food and add to color and more information to the menu and help the clients to choose what they want to take. It at least adds to three photos of the food and the drinks that you offer. 1. It shows more popular products of feeding of your business.
2. It tries to realise photos of products of feeding with a uniform illumination.
Common zones The photos of the common zones contribute to attract clients who are planning a trip of businesses or leisure. It at least adds a photo of each one of the common zones. 1. It at least adds a photo of each common zone (for example, the spa, the gymnasium or the dining room for breakfasts).
2. It reflects the atmosphere of the zones common in your photos.
Rooms The clients trust the photos of the rooms deeply to decide where to reserve the next hotel for leisure or business stays. He at least adds three photos of the most popular rooms. 1. He tries to show all the types of different rooms that you offer.
2. He realises photos that show of realistic form what it experiences itself when being in the room.
Common zones The photos of the common zones contribute to attract clients who are planning a trip of businesses or leisure. It at least adds a photo of each one of the common zones. 1. It at least adds a photo of each common zone (for example, the spa, the gymnasium or the dining room for breakfasts).
2. It reflects the atmosphere of the zones common in your photos.
Photos of the equipment The photos of the equipment are important to present the most personal side of the establishment. It at least adds three photos of the equipment of administration and the employees. 1. Sample something a little less formal to humanize the business.
2. In the photos it must appear your equipment or you to put of relief your personality and thus to offer to the potential clients an idea than they are going away to find.

It reviews well this table and it verifies that everything is in rule., since of that way your card will excel over the others, that is to say, of those of your competition.

tutorial google my business to add to photos local business

#4 Añadir website

tutorial google my business Control Panel

Something recommendable when you have a business is to have a webpage where to lead to your visits, and where to be able €œto sell€ your products or services to them. You can create a webpage easily, but already you have is moment for saying it to Google.

tutorial google my business to add contact information

Note: As I already explained you in my article exceeds how to index a webpage, this métdo will cause that the indexing is faster

#5 Añadir presentation

tutorial google my business Control Panel

The presentation of your business is key, not only because it is a text that somebody can get to read, but because it is a perfect site to insert key words of your business. That yes, you are not donkey (already we know ourselves) and begin to put a list of key words, subtler. Just underneath you will see how I have left the one of the Manolo Inn.

tutorial google my business to add introduction

Complete and optimized card

card google my business completed

Google tutorial my Business €“ Benefits

The discharge in Google My Business offers benefits to level SEO that will help your business to improve your presence online:

  1. Finder of Google: Your business online will appear in the finder in the form of complete card with photos, indications in Google Maps, commercial information, reviews and scores. In addition the generated contents and the commentaries will push the natural results in the searches in Google
  2. Simultaneous registry in Google Places and Google Plus: Thanks to Google My Business, the registry process is much more fast. When creating the company card you are discharging from the hospital another card in Google Places (thus your public will be able to find in Google Maps introducing in his finder the name you of your company, the product that wishes to acquire and/or the location in which it wishes to do it) and your page of company in Google Plus will be created (All data will appear in both platforms, automatically)
  3. Resources multimedia always available: The images and videos that raise will be available for our clients as much in Google Maps as in your page of company in Google Plus
  4. Presence in movable devices: The information of your local business will be always at the disposal of the hearing whatever its method of navigation since the card of My Business, is thought to appear in different devices (movable and tablets)
  5. Service of analytical: Thanks to the new service €œInsights€ you can control data as the number of visits to your page in a period of determined time, clicks in publications or the increase of the number of your followers (This information is very valuable to understand what type of content and action works better and is more attractive for our community)
  6. Integration with the other products of Google: In order to make it simpler Google it is integrating more and more all the products that offer in Google My Business, as for example Youtube or Google Analytics
  7. Virtual tour and photos: Sometimes you have wanted to include a virtual tour of the premises of your company? In your card you can add it, you only need to have a good photographer for the photos. In the case of a hotel, for example, it will be more attractive for the hearing since it will be able to directly verify the offered rooms and services

tutorial google my business to add virtual visit

When a company looks for to be found by the public the presence online is key. Google My Business offers the possibility of increasing the visibility of any company and power to interact at the same time with the hearing. In addition it facilitates the loyalty with the client allowing not only to respond in real time to the needs of the users but to have a feedback about the own company To what delays to enter the world My Business