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22 Mayo 2017



As to increase the visits of your website

the news by Social

Not always it is necessary to hope weeks or months to increase to the traffic to your blog or website. Small €œtricks€ exist that they help to secure an effect you in 24 hours. Here 10 advice go to less than increase the visits to a page in 1 day.

1. He publishes a post new: he is worth, is not a very original trick. But always you have more traffic when you send a post new. This traffic will be increasing with the number of subscribers to your blog. Shortly I will publish a post exceeds how to increase them.

2. Tuitea in different schedules: all followers are not online to the same hour of the day. He takes advantage of the morning and the night to 11 to send tweets with your new post. According to my experience it is the best hour to send a post by Twitter.

3.  He publishes the post in aggregators of the news: in sites as Wag to me you can add your posts so that the users vote if they consider them interesting. He would not do it more than once a month at the most. Although you do not arrive at cover you already can arrive some 100 visits.

4. He takes advantage of bonds 50‚¬ of Adwords: open an account to you in Google Adwords and already take advantage of that bond 50‚¬ of Google that is on the verge of expiring to attract described traffic your Web. If you do not have one surely you will obtain it looking for in forums or asking in Twitter.

5. He offers to publish your better post in a blog with traffic: if you have an article preparation that has the potential to draw attention, it tries to elsewhere publish it of your niche that much more has traffic that yours. The only thing that you would have to ask in return is a connection to your Web.

6. It participates in groups of LinkedIn: there are many groups that can be related to the thematic ones which you try in your blog. Most important it is to contribute value to the discussions and not simply of trying €œto strain€ a connection your Web.

7. It recycle posts old: an entrance that or even has been to a pair of months or years always published can serve stops to obtain you traffic. The simplest way is to send it by Twitter adding p.ej. €œRemembering€ or €œFor 1 year in blog€ so that your followers know that he is a post old.

8. He analyzes the tendencies of searches: the searches vary every day based on the news. With Google Insights you can identify tips of searches for some key words. If you have good timing publishing an entrance related to these €œhot topics€ you can take a surprise to you with the traffic that is going to you to arrive from Google.

9. It comments in blogs with traffic: as I shelp before it is not worth to comment to simply leave a connection towards your blog. A commentary therefore bloggers it usually do not publish (I do not do it either). You must contribute value to the discussion. Sides that of the quality of the commentary also the volume will depend on traffic that arrives at your site.

10. It begins to follow new people in Twitter: the people are peculiar. The majority of them usually goes to the profile of a new one to follower in Twitter. Within the profile of your account you must include the connection to your blog. You do not follow people who do not share same the interests that your because in the other case the effect that you obtained will be practically zero.