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28 Mayo 2017



As beginning your business online

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Many forms of businesses exist online, and the truth is that each lies down to have its own definition than is a business online.

For that reason I believe that it is necessary to clarify some terms and to define them before you put yourself to think about how carrying out those ideas of businesses by Internet that you have in mind.

We are going to see them!

What are the businesses online?

A business generally has own characteristics. They are several, but I remain with which to have a business means to have mounted a system that only works. It is well because you have employees who have been the day to day and/or because you have mounted a series of systems automated for the sale and the distribution of your products/services. It thinks for example about a digital product store online (music, for example).

Briefly, in a success business, the entrepreneur must as mission take off of in the middle as soon as possible.

If you think it well, the perfect business only is within reach of most sluggish. And really, that I create. To work as freelance is another thing, that assimilates more to a self-employment scheme.

How to mount a business online?

If you are thinking about mounting a business in Internet, I believe that your project of businesses online would have to fulfill a series of very concrete criteria:

  • You must try to study ideas of businesses with future. With this I talk about basically to 2 things: to accompany to a traditional company to give the definitive jump in the digital economy (it thinks about the different actors from the book trade, for example) and/or to support the initiatives that accelerate the globalisation of the economy €“ thinks about great market you please of services off-shore (outsourcing).
  • The good businesses online usually are escalables businesses. It tries to take advantage of all the advantages channel Internet and to distribute knowledge by means of the digital product sale. Doing this, you reduce to the minimum the cost of the sales of your products (one takes place once and it is sold by thousands of units without extra charges) and forget the headaches the logistics, including the management of your bottom of maneuver and its difficult treasury.
  • The good businesses online are businesses of little investment. And this is very positive. With your desire to work and your idea, you can be sent less than by 150 ‚¬/año (with this you will buy a domain, a plan of lodging, and a premium group). It delays everything what you can the formalization of your enterprise activity.
  • More than ever, the good businesses online are based on developing a system that only works.
  • Although the objective of the income liabilities is difficult to reach, I believe that it is capital that your business contemplates all the forms possible to sell without your direct insertion in the operations of the business. And I am not thinking about having employees.

I believe that the great businesses online can mount alone, without employed investors nor. Once validated the model, in one second phase, you will wonder yourself how to accelerate and to raise with a lever the model, with or without employees, with or without investors.

Businesses online and enterprise success

The rules of the enterprise success have not changed much. Neither either the rate of mortality to 3 or 5 years of the new businesses. To avoid the enterprise failure is not simple task.

But we are living moments on great changes, demographic as macroeconomic, as much microeconomic and technological changes. Everything simultaneously, at a tremendous speed.

Look it as a unique opportunity for you. Inspire you by other digital entrepreneurs who already have crossed the same way.

You do not fall in the trap of the safe work and the fidelity to a company.

With the globalisation and the technology, within 10 years, the núumero of intermediary and working controls of the knowledge will have fallen in Europe and EE.UU in favor of cheaper markets.

What it happened with the workers and the production in China is going to happen now with all the workers of the knowledge.

He is neither good nor bad, whenever you are taking the reins from your life (professional) from today.

Businesses online based on blogs

I have responded to you of very honest form on if I believe that it is possible or not to gain the life with a blog of worthy form.

Month to month, I invite to you to follow between borders the advances and profits of my own project. In my monthly information, you can see the evolution of my traffic, my income and expenses, as well as the things that I am learning month to month.