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Our plans of Streaming allow you to transmit radio by Internet with the best quality and accessible prices

Initial Streaming

Servant for radio IF
Listeners in HD 300
App for Android/iOS IF
Website NO
AutoDJ 1GB
$285 per month
I want it!

Radio Online + Website

Servant for radio IF
Listeners in HD 500
App for Android/iOS IF
Website IF
AutoDJ 5GB
$354 per month
I want it!

Premium Streaming

Servant for radio IF
Listeners in LIMITLESS HD
App for Android/iOS IF
Website IF
AutoDJ 10 GB
$442 per month
I want it!

Hosting republic accompanies you in the growth of your project. We will offer seminaries every month live.

First sera dictated by Santiago Alonso, specialist in traditional Radio and online and will contemplate the following subjects:


Armed of a transmitter online
Differences between FM by Internet and podcast
Radial experience €œProject Magic Kids €œ.
Movable radial experience and transmissions €œTo sell FM €œ.
Possible local mediums and means.
Tools to make radio.
Present situation in the stations of FM.
Transmitters online as it forms alternative for FM already established.
Armed of a podcast



In order to participate in the seminaries you must follow us on Facebook

That I need to transmit radio online?

In order to begin to transmit it is necessary a computer and connection to Internet of at least 1 Megabyte of bandwidth.

That Streaming For Radio is Online?

Our service of Streaming de Audio, will allow you to transmit any audio one, can be recorded or live, to listeners anywhere in the world.

The transmission is realised via Internet of simple way, can be from a live PC or its Centovacast panel contas with a complete Control Panel, raise your songs your radius and create reproduction lists that are emitiran automatically without needing an ignited PC.

First steps

He is very easy to begin to always transmit and contas with our technical equipment before any doubt, the same would communicate with attending you to you and would realise the installation and configuration of your radius of remote form, thus leaving the ready service to begin to transmit!

Also, we provided programs to you to make radio online and data of your streaming.

In addition, we will send the reproducer so that they can listen to you in Internet and podras to you to have your customized APP for Android.

We recommend To use: Sam Broadcaster, Winamp, SimpleCast, Opticodec, Zara Radio.

So that to choose to us?

We are the only company that offers to support in the way and attention you Telefonica/Whatsapp/Chat Online/Mail and Ticket.

They already accompany to us but by 1500 radios online in all world.

Prices in Pesos with Final IVA Including

You prune to in cash pay with Card of Credit or Payment Facil and RapiPago

*Si you decide on the modality of annual payment, tenes 2 discounted months or free the registry of your .com domain!


Communicate to you with us without cost!


It makes CLICK in Llama ALREADY!

to call republic hosting

my radius in Internet hd

Sound HD

We work with the best servers of the world to offer a UNIQUE quality to you!

streaming in an

Statistics in Real time

You prune to see in real time the amount of listeners in your radius and to take statistics with our system.

Presence in all the devices


With our plans of Streaming you prune to have a webpage with reproducer HTML5 for your radius

streaming with android application

Application for Android

We develop a customized APP for your radius! It knows some here clicking

autodj streaming panel in an

Control Panel

We work with CentovaCast, the system more known the market, that allows to total administration and automatization you of your radius.

Always online

Servers of high speed to guarantee your listeners to him who can listen to you when they want.



I want that they call to me

They already chose to transmit their radius online with us:

radio streaming in Internet
video streaming pringles

AutoDJ allows to raise your archives you of music its interface and to reproduce them from the servant, which means that you prune to maintain your dull computer while estes live and your radius will not follow in the air so that your listeners continue enjoying your transmitter


  • It connects your social networks to your radius!
  • Contact so that your listeners write to you
  • We incorporate your website in the APP
  • Application for Android and iOS
streaming apliacion for android and iOS

We offer predesigned groups so that you arm your website and you can arrive at your listeners of practical and professional form


Our servers work with the most successful technologies of the market and a great variety of options available.

All our plans count on the consultant's office of specialists and the best technical support of the market.

Average of payment qualified