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09 June 2017




As Creating your Web of soccer free

the news by Social

Soccer is considered the sport king in great amount of countries, and unifies anywhere in the world to million of fans. In fact, in the majority of countries speakers of Spanish, soccer is more than a sport, it is a life philosophy! The passion that rises is so, that we can find thousands of fan webpages who share their opinions as experts in the subject.

If you consider an expert in soccer subjects, want to make arrive your wisdom at others fans of this sport and wish to share the last new features of your favorite equipment, you will amuse much using Webnode! We will give some key ones you exceeds how to free create a Web on soccer so that you can become an expert and prevail in Internet.

1. A suitable group chooses

In order to help you to choose a good group, in Webnode we prepared many designs thought for sport websites. Only worry to you to choose the model that you like more and the best style of menu for your Web (horizontal or vertical).

And you do not forget to give life to the group that you choose raising to the shield of your equipment or images of your favorite players celebrating a goal!

2. It divides the subjects in sections

It creates different pages and subpages to handle the content of the Web. For example, it creates new sections for the news and new features, profiles and biographies of players, classification of the equipment, etc. It complements each page with images and videos, this will animate much your site! Mantén the up-to-date Web so that fans visits it regularly.

3. It animates to participate


It express your opinion, it comments the results of the parties and asks your visitors on the most controversial plays. Animate them to participate and to leave its commentaries. It creates votings and forums of discussion to bet on the 11 for the next important party. The surveys are an excellent tool to compile information of your visitors, for example, you can send the question of €œWho was the best player of the party€. It creates a contest of €œfan of the month€ to increase the number of commentaries and followers.

4. It gives priority to the most important news

In the beginning page, it gives priority to the most excellent news and of the present time. If the maximum scorer of your equipment is injured, or if the trainer decides to replace the goalkeeper, certainly everybody will want to read envelope it, truth? Pon emphasis in this type of the news and never you forget to add an illustrative photo also thus you can use plugins that we recommended to you.

5. Joint party in the social networks

It creates a page of Facebook and an account in Twitter to celebrate each goal in real time with your followers! Thanks to the social networks, you will be able to attract many more followers your website.

But perhaps hugest it is than with our constructor of sites you prune to free create your Web of sport in only 5 minutes. So if not yet you have it and you want free, it enters already and it registers your own page. You will secure as much experience quickly as to webmaster that each shoots to door it will be a goal!

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