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05 Julio 2017




That it is UBER and as works

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Uber is an English word that means, the €œbest thing€, the €œlast thing€, €œmore€ comes from the German €œDeustchland to uber alles€ (Germany mainly). But also startup is the American name of one that provides a network of transport to any person through a movable application.

The origins

Garret Camp is a Canadian entrepreneur of 36 years who founded on 2001, StumbleUpon, a social network that allows to interchange pages of interest in real time.

At the beginning of 2009 he sent in San Francisco, the USA, a scale model of Uber. USD of a bottom reunited to 250,000 seed, to begin with the undertaking and next to Travis Kalanick, also enterprising of 38 years, telecommunications engineer and present General director of Uber, Ryan Graves, present director of operations, Oscar Salazar and Conrad Whelan, Director of Engineering, they started up the project.

A year later, they send the application of Uber and they began to operate with 30 cars in the city of San Francisco. Agreeing with its launching they close another round of financing of 1.250.000 USD of three American bottoms of venture capital.

From 2010 they begin to extend the services of Uber, such as to share the car with other people, major range of vehicles, and tariffs €œlow-COST€.  From 2011 they expand to 35 cities of the USA and they also give the jump to other countries, to day of today offer its services in 211 cities of 45 different countries. Uber has 4 years of antiquity.


Which is the reason of the success?

Hill to understand that in only 4 years they have been to mount a company with as much demand and success in more than 200 cities of 45 countries. Which are the reasons of the success.

  1. Simple way to request a car: through a gratuitous application available for Smartphone and Tablet with iOS, Android or Windows Phone.  In the application one visualizes the vehicles available and the one is selected that is nearer. One finished lowering to the street, raising the hand, looking for, in some cities, a parking of taxis.
  2. Punctuality in the collection: in 5 minutes the vehicle is in the direction. There are times of no delay.
  3. Cleaning and comfort: the vehicle is clean, like the driver, the antiquity of the vehicle is of less than 5 years and in some cities they offer water and snacks.
  4. Payment with Uber application: it is not necessary to have of cash, nor either credit card, simply when finalizing the passage becomes to open the Uber application and it is pleased through the same. The application to uber is connected with several systems of payment as system or credit cards of payment as Paypal.
  5. Simple tariff: There are costs overrun no to pay with card, neither to take suitcases, nor because the collection takes place in a place I publish or a station or an airport. One is pleased by Crossed km and time.
  6. Security: Although the drivers are not employed of Uber, so that they operate with Uber follows a rigorous program of acceptance that varies according to each city and country, in the USA is asked for to them to be register in the social Security, criminal records and another series of requirements that allow to assure the suitability the driver.


How it works?

The only way to operate with Uber is having of a Smartphone or a tablet. It supports any device, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. In the case of Blackberry, this supported for BB10 and BB7 through the application, or SMS in the majority of countries.

It has to lower the Uber application and to create an account, introducing, full name, email, telephone, and to create a password, as well as the form of payment, credit card or Paypal.

The only form to accede to the system is through the App, is not possible another form of I accede, as a by email electronic telephone or. The use of the App is very simple, when acceding indicates where we were and locates to nearer the Uber vehicles by its typology, next the vehicle is selected and it is indicated to where it is wanted to direct. Finally the application makes an estimation of the cost of the route.

When finalizing the route, the App, indicates the real cost and it is come to the payment. The payment between several Uber accounts can be divided. Finally the service is valued.

This valuation of the service, brings about a selection of the vehicles and drivers with better service.

How much it costs?

The App. she is gratuitous. When finalizing the route is pleased according to the crossed kilometers and to the used time. In the case of Spain, Uber operates in Madrid and Barcelona: the tariff is of 0,75‚¬ by crossed kilometer and 0,30‚¬ per minute, in addition to 1‚¬ by use of the service. From this Uber amount it receives a 20% and the rest is for the driver.

to uber

Is Uber business?

According to Techcrunch, Uber invoiced anywhere in the world in 2013 around 160 million Euros. It is necessary to consider that this number corresponds to 20% than it receives the user, the rest is into the hands of the driver. You complete them valuations of Uber consider that if Uber left to stock market, its approximated stock-exchange capitalization would be of 3,940 million of ‚¬, to do an idea to us would be worth just like Mediaset (old Telecinco) or Day (chain supermarkets), but with many differences, for example in Uber 38 people work, in Mediaset, according to the contributed data to 31/12/13 1,308 people.

Why he is so controversial?

Uber is a different way to see the business of the services of rent of vehicles with driver, that is to say, the calls taxis. It is because a disruptive business and in addition burglaryable (the model works equal in any city). During hundreds of years the service of taxis has been realised in the same way and a group of entrepreneurs in the 2010 is it broken.

This has brought about a virulent reaction in the present service. The service of taxis in the United States moves around 8,750 million Euros with a labor mass near the 500,000 people.

The complaints of the sector of the taxi, are that Uber does not pay taxes since they do. But really Uber does not employ the taxi driver, intermediate Uber in the operation, does not serve. The one is the driver of the network Uber that is to pay taxes since he is the borrower of the service.


In the case that the drivers are paying their pertinent license, everything is legal, and therefore nobody could say nothing. In the case of Madrid, this service is regulated and the requirements in can be seen

The problem is in which a disruptive change in the way has taken place to see the business and therefore the industry of the taxi, has been led to change its way to understand, to take care of and to see the business, proof of it is the sudden appearance of Apps that now tries to compete with Uber, such as Mytaxi, Hailo, By-taxi, Wannataxi or eTaxi among others.

The industry of the taxi, from the appearance of Uber, already never will return to be the same.

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