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05 Julio 2017




UberEats, new app to request food at home

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UberEATS wants to at home give the food in less than 10 minutes

Uber is one of the companies that the process of digital transformation of the new economy is commanding, one startup been born in Silicon Valley that has revolutionized the transport service deprived of passengers, through marketplace that connects by means of its movable application to individuals with drivers and a present valuation superior to 65 billions of dollars.

Uber is present in some of the most important cities of the world. The clients reserve their car by means of the use of app that allows them to rake at any moment where it is the chosen vehicle. In my last trip to New York I could prove this application and I must confess that the experience was superb.

We cannot mainly forget the different conflicts that this initiative has in many cities, affecting from the union of the taxi drivers that demands a regulation for this service that compares it with that they provide the taxis. In other cities they are more radical and directly they want that they prohibit it.

This week they announced in its blog the launching of its new UberEATS application, that already is available as much iOS as Android. It supposes the definitive step to also become a transport service of food at home that connects local restaurants with companions at table, after the pilot versions that the company sent in Los Angeles and Barcelona.


It already works in cities as Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Toronto, every day of the week as much in the turn of food as in the one of dinner. Shortly he will be available in Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, Melbourne, New York, Paris, Seattle and Washington.

With his €œInstant Delivery€ it tries to make the delivery of the food in a time inferior to 10 minutes, being offered menus that are changing every day of some concrete products as sandwiches, salads, young donkeys or sushi, receiving a flat fee by the service of three or four dollars.

It seems that the news has not seated too much well in the sector and GrubHub, one of the companies leaders in the United States in Food Delivery, reached after the announcement the minimum historical price in its quote in stock-market.

Until now the tests that the company had realised for the food transport at home had been within their own generic application. It seems that they have realized that to ask for a transport a passenger and to request food at home is two totally different services that they demand a customized digital experience for the user. This it is the reason that he has impelled to them to create an independent application to the transport service of passengers.

According to declarations of Jason Droege, Head of UberEVERYTHINGS, €œwith the launching of the UberEATS application we are providing a experience totally adapted to foods to help our clients to obtain the perfect food. Of the same form that Uber causes that it is easy to go from a point To to B, UberEATS it causes that it is easy to obtain food of the best restaurants of the city €œ.

Really, Uber is united the almost already to interminable list of technological companies that at home facilitate the service of food to their clients. The differential of this company is that it owns the greater fleet of deprived drivers of the world and incorporates new added services that can contribute value to their clients, to the restaurants and, as it could not be of another form, to their own business. The company also is in phase of experimentation with other types of transport as articles for the home, small packages, vaccines against the influenza and strolls in helicopter for its richer clients.

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