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27 Sep 2017




Certificates SSL Free Safe Pages and of confidence in an 2017 2018

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Certificates SSL Free Safe Pages and of confidence in an 2017 2018


Certificates SSL are necessary for any website that handles confidential information, since it will guarantee the security in the data transmission based to the being.

What are certificates SSL and which is its function
SSL is the acronym of the abbreviations in English €œSecure Socket Layer€ (or €œlayer of safe ports€), a protocol of security to base the communications between the servant of a Web and the navigator of the person who enters that Web.

With this the risk is reduced of which they rob the data that are sent by the network, as the personal data of the forms, the card numbers of credit€¦ etc.

Protocols SSL have two functions:

  1. To base information: all the data that communicate via Internet, between the Web and the user (or vice versa) are based by means of a key of security of 128 bits of length.
  2. To authenticate the identity: certificate SSL will give the guarantee us that the Web is not false since the emission of the certificate is as an electronic signature that credits to the identity and credentials of the website.

How we know that a Web has certificate SSL?

Of very simple form, we will be able to verify if a Web has installed protocol SSL:

  1. Area code of the URL: In the URL of the navigator, instead of appearing HTTP, the direction of the Web will be
  2. Icon of padlock: normally to the left of the URL, based on the navigator, it will appear a padlock.
  3. A confidence seal. In some Web if it is desired a seal can be put, that will make connection with the company certifier.
  4. Green bar of directions. Some navigators change the color of the bar of directions if it is SSL or no.


Certificate Types SSL and who emits them?

There are many certificate types of security in Internet, according to determined characteristic, as the wished use of the same, the degrees of validation, names of domain Web or subdomains, types of guarantee, traffic€¦ etc.

Who issues and renews Certificates SSL?

Certificates SSL only can emit them the certificate authorities (CA), who count on the official permissions to certify requests, to verify them and to maintain information on the situation of issued certificates.

Each authority emits a €œCertification Practice Statement€ or declaratory certificate (CPS) where the used procedures of verification settle down. There is a great number of private certifiers and public. The most known they are Verisign, Thawte, GeoTrust, RapidSSL or Symantec.

How to settle a certificate SSL?
It has to acquire it with a CA company, to unload the sequence of commandos and to add it in the pertinent webpages, modifying the codes of the webpages.

Although the normal thing is to acquire it through supplier of domains or hosting Web, that present as distributors of the CA companies, simplifying its installation for the normal user.

It is obligatory to install certificate SSL?
It is obligatory, if you have a store online or a development that asks for some type of password or credential of payment, is not obligatory on the contrary; but it is a form to give security and confidence to our visitors online, the security in the data transmission is a requirement indispensable for the electronic commerce, 70 % of the buyers online have almost stopped buying in a virtual store because it does not have trusting in the page and decide to contact with another supplier that transmits major to them security.

What happens if I do not have HTTPS?

 The navigators with wish to improve the security of the pages Webs and to eliminate the false Webs, are beginning to show icons in the bar of direction with €œthe nonSafe€ word, punishing with this message to the Webs that do not have it.

Google from January of the 2017, has forced its advertisers to put a certificate SSL in the webpages, and their new navigator Google Chrome 56, this warning as €œnonSafe€ the Webs that lack the Https.  Also Mozilla Firefox has begun to label the sites with certificate of security HTTPS as insurances, being shown a green brand in or a gray brand if they are not safe, visible in the bar of directions.

This label of €œis not safe€, it will be in any page of your site that contains some form where passwords or credentials of payment are requested, as numbers of credit cards.

Also more and more platforms demand to have the certificate, to operate with them, for example Facebook forces for integration with its platform, that the domains are under the Htpps surroundings, as the utility to add the real estate web search engines.

How it affects to the positioning and yield of my Web?

Very negatively, by two factors: First, because every time there will be more internauts, than it leaves our Web, by the warnings of security of the navigators.

And secondly, because the increase of the rate by ricochet (abandonment) of the Web and the dwell times in the same, will repel in the traffic, which will be reflected in a loss of positions in the SERP (pages of results in the web search engine).

Really, with this Google measurement it materializes the warnings that has been giving on the necessity that a Web is safe, and that counting on certificate SSL is going to be a decisive factor in the ranking of the finder.



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