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07 Dic 2017




As choosing Hosting for Vps Windows Server Cloud 2017 and 2018

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From the last trimester of 2012 the version Windows Server 2012 is available and a year later 2012 R2 left Windows Server. This comes to us to indicate that are systems consolidated in the time and we did not find in them an uncertainty of its stability of operation.

As you prune to intuit the present system that 2012 R2 is sold in licenses is Windows Server, and so that there are not doubts is not possible to update the licenses of WS2012 to WS2012R2, they are completely independent licenses.

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In this post we want dar5 reasons, that they are determining at the time of deciding a migration to these operating systems.



1. Safe virtualization of domain controller.

This function is the one that more happens unnoticed, but is the one that more motivates us in the migration of our controllers of domain (DC). It consists of a system that avoids feared problem USN Rollback of the domain controllers, allowing to be able to reclaim copies or snapshots of a DC without running the risk of corrupting Active Directory.

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2. Server Core.

Introduced in Windows Server 2008/2008R2, they add to very important improvements as the jump between Core, GUI without the necessity to reinstate all the servant. Also it incorporates an intermediate version of the Server Cores that includes the Server console Manager, facilitating much the administration from this type of servers.

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3. Cluster DHCP.

In both versions the possibility is gotten up of realising a Failover of DHCP in two modalities. This avoids to us to have to create a shared storage or to have the double of the IP available.

Passive Active way/, allows us to have a servant DHCP available and in case of fall that the other servant gives the directions without cut in the service.

Way Balance of load, allows us to establish percentage of use on each servant, 50%-50% or 70%-30%, the directions will be assigned of random way fulfilling the percentage.

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4. Server Manager.

A drastic evolution in the console of Server Manager is sufficient to motivate to us to verify the operation and to decide to us to consolidate of a look all our servers. In addition this console will allow the remote management us of the servers, for example to install rolls or to review events of our infrastructure.

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5. It activates Directory Administrative Center.

Like Server Core, gets up in Windows Server 2008R2, but 2012/2012R2 occurs him much more to an important paper in Windows Server, allowing to activate and to manage the wastebasket of reciclage in It activates Directory. It includes granular policies of passwords, update of GPOs remotely and improves the visualization of the attributes of the objects, among others improvements.

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These are our 5 main reasons to raise a migration of our servers to Windows 2012 R2 or Windows Server 2012,

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