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06 August 2017




As choosing Hosting for WordPress 2019

the news by hosting for wordpress
better quality prices speed
You are looking for what hosting to choose for WordPress in Spanish?

If these in the process search of hosting for WordPress we recommended to you Hosting republic, if tenes website already migrates it free!

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In this article I tell the details you that must have a good servant, also we are going to you to recommend a service to lodge your Web or blog to avoid problems,

All these ideas are based as far as my experience on using services of lodging for but of 15 years, to publish my projects Web in Internet in Argentina it is very important as much for my as my clients to count services of quality that help me to define what is best hosting for WordPress.

This note I am it updating of monthly form with last tips.


Also I am going to you to present my preference on watch of lodging and alternatives in 2019.


At the outset was to me something complicated, since it can be that they sound Chinese to the terms that are used in this type of services.

In fact soon it give account you that either is not necessary to the 100% to know all the concepts and that are recommended to have a good technical service in the lodging to avoid some problems in this auje of WordPress services that this being used for amounts of emprededores with Digital Stores Online, Newspapers, Ecommerce and blogs of travellers and many but€¦


They are things that once you see your blog/Web/etc this in march no longer you return to review them.

For that reason it has decided to write this article to tell you what is best hosting in Spanish.

We go to a the important thing?



Here we see the recommended points consider to use hosting with WordPress and that are more remarkable.


  • The plan of the service of lodging must necessarily fulfill two things so that WordPress without problems works: first of them, who the servant preferably has support for PHP 5,6 or 7 and second that includes a data base.
  • Also he is interesting to consider the disc space that is the capacity you have assigned in your plan to raise images, videos, that is to say, files directly to the WordPress servant.
  • Really if you raise optimized images is no problem, or also images of external services can be loaded as Pinterest although the best thing is to directly raise them the servant and the videos you can inlay them from Youtube for example.
  • The monthly transference of data that is the one that is used for the shipment of data in the traffic Web and mails of the WordPress lodging, some services offer limitless traffic, as well as resources. Normally usually it is not thus actually and possibly we are fallens the site but in one go.
  • The location of the WordPress servers, is recommended and the best thing than is in the location of the public to whom they will go directed to your contents by positioning subjects Web for this case interests to us that they are located if our project and possible readers/potential clients are of Hispanic speech. If your project is focused the Spanish public assures to you that the servers are within the zone, this it is a point to consider but nondetermining, nowadays it is not a point so hard since he is better to count on speed and stability before that to gain some milliseconds that never we will use in our life.
  • If the first year we have the gratuitous domain including in the plan, some of the suppliers add to the first year on watch complete payment to it and in addition another question is that it turns out advisable to jointly contract to domain and hosting in the same service, mainly at the outset since but the extra cost by domain registry goes up to around the 400 to 500 pesos the registry of your domain in Internet.
  • The account number of email that we can create with our domain .en the service. If they are a certain number or they are limitless.
  • Personally one of the things that I prefer is that better than the technical service they provide it to us in Spanish in case arrived the moment precise to clarify some subject on the service.
  • If the service provides documentation to us to manage our lodging, of this form to learn to create accounts FTP, accounts of mail, etc. This point is something subjective so that perhaps in this eventuality we can ask the technical service.
  • If the service is specialized in the platform that we will use to publish our Web, in this case in WordPress. Since in this way also its service will be optimized and focused this one manager of content.
  • Price. Perhaps the point that worries all that one more that it is looking for these services to assure to contract best hosting for our Web or blog to us with technical support including.


We recommended to you to visit best hosting for wordpress relation price quality:

hosting for wordpress 2019




At the beginning of the article I have to you counted that I have proven different services of lodging but to day of today I use Hosting Republic in the majority of projects WP.

The Webs in this host load fast, I have technical support before any doubt, have Certificates SSL free (if the green candadito for the Web), backups including in the plan and give the face to I publish. But, it looks this one that fluid goes, clicking here.

As we see fast load but now I am going it to put under a test of load of visits to see what so responds and if it does not give problems.

For this use the tool loadimpact.

The test consists of verifying the time of load of 50 visits to site during a period of 5 minutes.

The objective of the test is to testear the answer of the servant emulating the case that I have to you counted.

It is important to have it in account since it can happen that from certain number of users acceding simultaneously the response time of WordPress hosting goes off, for that we are going to put it on approval.

Once realised the test the results are in the following graph.

The blue line is dialing the number of users who are acceding to the Web during the 5 minutes. It is increased until arriving at 50.

The green line really marks the response time of the servant and in showing the Web.

The response time, seeing the graph is of 850ms, that is to say below the second for the majority of the users who have acceded to the Web.

A really positive value.

It means that for the user 50 who had acceded would visualize the Web in 1 less than seg.

You can accede here to the results of the test.

Of commenting to you that this WordPress servant is optimized for this CMS, perhaps by this the obtained results are understood.

It could tell more things you on this one service, but it is more interesting than you discover it by same you, you do not create. ðŸ™‚

I know clearly what is my option and recommendation to lodge projects Web focused to Argentina and rest of the world.


Throughout the article I have shown a perspective to you of the most excellent and recommended points at the time of contracting good the WordPress Hosting to begin well your


project with this CMS and to avoid future problems with the servant as thus also counting on the best Technical Support which is a key point nowadays.




These looked for good and economic a Hosting VPS for WordPress?

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