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It registers your Domain with us and comenzá to use the best service of Hosting in Argentina


For commerces, personal company or pages.
Registry of domain
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Registry of Domains
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Registrá your domain next to us and obtené free the following advantages:



Your data estan insured next to the registry of your domain

Notifications via Mail

Segui the state and detail of your domain via mail thus maintaining to you updated always!

Control of DNS

We administer your domain and we give the total control you of the DNS of your servant

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It realises the registry of your domain next to us and obtene some of the following benefits from Argentina

Registry of Domains
As choosing your domain?
Your clients are looking for to you in Internet
Secure Data
The Domains are essential so that they find you in Internet

The registry of domains is the first step fundamental to initiate any thing in Internet, from the creation of a Website or lies down in line, to the shipment and the reception of post office. Your domains are those that allow to your clients and friendly to find you, to identify to you and to remember to you in Internet.

People and companies worldwide use the domains to position their brands and to obtain an identity in Internet.

Advice of Hosting Republic to have your successful domain!
    • Triple W

      Nowadays, the number of Internet users is highest who no longer bother themselves in tipear the €œwww€ before the domain. For that reason, it is important that your domain can work with and without €œwww€. In you can register domain and use it of the two ways.

      TIP: When you prepare the printed publicity of the site includes €œwww.€ because he is demonstrated that many users do not differentiate a domain from an account of e-mail.

    • 2 Sum many doors of connection

      The domain is the front door to your website, and is verified that whatever more doors you offer to your clients, more visits will have your Web. For that reason, he is highly recommendable to register domain similar to your main domain. For example, if your domain is, it also registers Thus, they will be plus the people who can find you quickly.

      TIP: It takes advantage of the different extensions! If you already have registered your, it protiles your brand registering it in addition with completion .net, .org, .biz€¦ If your business is also developed in the outside, it registers regional domains (to, .com .mx, .cl, .com .ve,, etc.).

    • 3 you do not use scripts

      At the time of choosing a domain name, it avoids to use scripts: a script is difficult to remember. Generally, the people do not remember if are a script or means script of (€œ- €œ) under (€œ_€), or in what it leaves from the domain it is. The more easy to remember it is the domain, the more visits you will be assuring to you.

    • 4 Numbers, only if they are significant

      As well as a script is difficult to remember, the same usually happens with a number. He is better to only use it if it is part of the brand or if it means something for the person who is visiting site.

      TIP: If you are going to register domain with a number, also register it with the spelled number (ex: and

    • 5 At the most short, better

      The short names are easiest to remember. At the time of choosing a domain name, he is better to choose by one than it does not surpass the 12 characters. Also it is necessary to consider that the name is easy to pronounce and to tipear.

      TIP: The ideal domain has a single word!

    • 6 Evitar capital and very small

      The people do not differentiate between capital letters and small letters in a name from domain. To choose to publicize a domain of the form €œ€ in the majority of the cases will only manage to confuse the public. At the time of spreading your domain, always present it in small letters.

    • 7

      The ideal name for your domain is the one of your company. If or it were occupied chooses by which is similarity possible, easy to remember more and to relate to your company or your heading. For that, reunite to you with your equipment and between all they offer ideas. It takes the best ones and it comes to register them before nobody!

      TIP: If it is going to use more than a word, assure to you that the words that you use are easy to remember. For example, the domain is long and has two words, but it is easy to memorise.

    • 8Hasta with errors

      If your domain can take to that somebody writes it bad, the best thing is to assure the domain to you with the most common errors. For example, if your domain is, most recommendable it is to also register and, among others alternative. Of that way, the people who are looking for your website, are going it to find no matter how hard the domains are mistaken when writing.

    • 9 Your name = your company

      Another way to add visits to your Web is registering your personal name and redirigiéndolo to the Web of your company. Thus, the people who know and look for your domain you in the network will discover your organization and they will not have left doubts of your connection with the same.

    • 10 Cuidar the brand

      If you already have registered your .com domain, it is hour to think about protecting your brand. She remembers that any person can buy a domain available when wishes it, for that reason is necessary to go ahead to the competition and to register all the extensions available for your name of domain (for example, international domains as .net, .org, .biz, .ws; or regional, as .com, .com .mx, .com .es, .cl, .com .ve, .com .pe, etc.).

    • 11 not to accumulate consonants

      The domain must be easy to remember. Although a word is the ideal, sometimes it is necessary to use more than one and upon that case it agrees that the words are simple to write and to memorise, avoiding the abbreviations with many consonants. For example, the domain is short, but impossible to remember easily.

    • 12 Much and many

      If you already decided on a domain and the same is in plural, the best option is to also register it in singular (ex: and Thus you make sure worse that the people enter your site and they become buying potentials instead of to arrive at an error page or, still, to enter the Web of your competition.

    • 13 the domain before the design

      He is extremely recommendable to register domain before beginning to design the website. To destine bottoms to designers Web and advertising campaigns before having the assured domain is to risk to lose the inverted money. To discover that the domain is occupied can much more be that the bad news: register it as soon as you have chosen it!

    • 14 Cuidar the regional thing and to project to the international

      If your business is carried out in a region in particular, it is important to register the completion corresponding to that place.

      For example, if you realise businesses and Mexico, your clients are going away to feel more endorsed entering to a domain .com and .com .mx. But to count on .com will give your site international projection him. It covers all the options, you do not lose visits: it registers the international domain and the regional one.

    • 15 an extension says much

      Although is the completion that more quickly comes to us at the top, many other extensions exist that make reference to the type of site which you are lodging. For example, if your site corresponds to a NGO (Organization For charity), very it would be adapted to register a .org. In the same way, if your site outside information, you can decide on a .info.

      TIP: If you already have an extension referring to your heading, you do not stop registering! It is the first option that will tipeará the great majority of your visitors.

    • 16 the guarantee of the ICANN

      When putting your company in Internet, the domain becomes a fundamental tool and a very valuable capital. Of him they are going to depend your e-mails and the visualization on your Web, for that reason it is fundamental that the domain is registered to your name or of your company, to avoid disadvantages and power of making specific proceedings as renovation or changes of DNS.

      Not to risk to you, it registers your domains in companies guaranteed by ICANN, the main organism at world-wide level for the allocation of registrantes organizations of domain. is the first and only company of all Hispanic America in becoming Registrante Credited by ICANN.

    • 17 not to disorient the user

      Once chosen the domain, assure to you that it agrees with the name of your site. If your domain takes to a name and your site another one, the visitor can feel confused and to think that she entered site mistaken. And, which is worse, to leave your site!

    • 18 Respetar trademarks

      He is better to avoid to register names than they are variant trademarks or of a trademark. It is probable that the possessing company of the brand initiates action to demand the ownership of the domain. The same happens with domains that are names of artists, institutions or organisms of regional or world-wide reach.

    • 19 repeated Letters

      An error of common tipeo between the users is when in the domain name two letters are superposed. For example, if your domain is, he is very recommendable to also register Assure the greater amount to you possible visits, is fundamental!

    • 20 O'clock

      It is verified that one of the errors most common in the tipeo of the domains in the bar of directions of the navigator is in omitting the point (.) after the triple €œw€ (www). For that reason, he is highly recommendable to register your domain with www at the outset (for example,

      TIP: It also registers the most common errors! As,,, etc.

    • 21 Key words

      A good option to choose a domain that helps you to position to you in finders, is basing you on the key words that your potential clients can get to use to find you. Reunite to you with your equipment, they discuss which would be the used words more and arms with them different variants from domains.

      TIP: If you offer several services, it takes the opportunity and it registers domains related to each of them, will help you to add described visits€¦ and to make specific sales!

    • 22 it is spoken Spanish

      It is not necessary search options searched carefully for those domains with letter n or tilde. To register an internationalized domain is as simple as to register one common one, and it has the same cost!

      TIP: In order to make sure visits, they manten the domain without n or accents. For example, it could register diseñ,,, etc.

    • 23 Never to name of a third party

      To lose domains also implies to lose investment€¦ and clients! In order to avoid it, the best option is to register the domain of your company to your name or to the one of your company. Thus, you will be avoided many headaches and until legal problems.

    • 24 In another language, with reserves

      If you are going to decide on a domain in another language, the errors ten in account that can get to commit your potential client when trying tipearlo. For example, if your domain were, it also registers and

    • 25 Resumir ideas with creativity

      After the registry with the name of your company, it is hour to think about showy alternative names good to add visits! For example, if you have a computer science house and you dedicate yourself to sell PCs, instead of thinking about, it can campaign in finders with, that is more original, concrete and easy to remember.

    • 26 Both sorts

      A good way to preserve a domain name is also registering its opposite sort. For example, if your domain were, also assure feminine visits to you registering

    • 27 Keywords or Branding?

      To a new brand it is necessary to accompany it with a good advertising campaign. Then, if your company just is taking its first steps, perhaps he is better to begin with a domain that includes the key words of the sector to which your company is dedicated. But our advice is: optimistic! It registers both domains, as much the one that includes the key words (Keywords), as that presents your brand (Branding). When your company takes off you will not want to take the surprise to you of which another person cleared the domain to you!

    • 28 not to change it

    • To change of domain in the middle of way implies several disadvantages. Aside from the confusion that it will generate between those people who visited your Web regularly, will be affecting the Page Rank that Google associated to your domain. Changing the domain you will be losing the Page Rank that you had obtained!
    • 29 to never lose it

      Kind Mantente to the date of victory of your domain. It remembers that when a domain expires and is released, any person can register it. To lose your domain can cause ominous consequences for your company.

    • TIP: You knew that you can register domain by 5 or up to 10 years? It is the best way to assure your brand!
  • 30 Question of image

    A domain name can reinforce the image of your company or, very on the contrary, cause a negative impression if the same did not have the suitable connotation. The USA your domain to take care of and to give prestige to your business. It registers the right domain! Your company is going it to you to be thankful.

With more 2,400 million users of Internet in the world and a penetration that grows exponentially, to happen inadvertent before this immense market it is not an option to consider.

The Domains are synonymous of businesses without borders

The webpages are the present and the future of the communications

Not only we registered your domain, if not that we lodged and we developed your website so that your visitors take a great impression of your brand.

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