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11 October 2017





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FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) dispute to year after year the leadership of soccer in consoles and the PC. Their voices, the Salvadoran Fernando Palomo (ESPN) and the newcomer one in the world to gamer Rodolfo de Paoli (Tyc Sports and Radio the Network), outstanding rapporteurs in radio as television, also play their party.



What you thought when they called you to relate a video-game?

Rodolfo de Paoli (RD) - It was a very great joy, considering that stops to choose to me made a sounding between fanatics of Playstation and they inclined by me. That filled to me of pride. Obvious, later to be the rapporteur of the €œjueguito€, that as it cheeps I began almost playing and relating on a par in the Play One and Play 2, was a dream.

Fernando Palomo (FP) - they shelp to Me that it went to form leaves from a list of rapporteurs for FIFA 2013 and that it was going to be in the decision of the fanatics of the video-game. I acceded, but in the end, EA decided that outside the aimed one without making no type of collating and I am here, je.


FIFA versus. PES: the duel of virtual soccer arrived at the rapporteurs

Fernando Palomo. The Salvadoran journalist was chosen by Electronic Arts to put his voice in his video-games of soccer for Latin America. Also in the FIFA 18, that the past left 29 September.


And now?

(RD) - the story was very well. As game itself surprising to me of the distributed good that was everything what I recorded. Sincerely, it generates much pride to me. Imagine you that to this age to play the Play you she can generate married problems, but with PES 2018 I have the great excuse that I am being listened to.

(FP) - my children play It and I cannot think what this game between the young people of this generation obtains. Until my woman the other day thought that it was working in the channel and no, were my boys playing FIFA 17.

That requested the fanatics to you?

(RD) - To put my stamp to him in the goal shout. For that reason we gave many variants him to the goals. We even recorded options that were not in the libretto.

(FP) - they write to Me much through the social networks when, for example, the video-game confuses the last name of a player. I tell them that it is not fault of the story, if not a subject of the process of the game.

FIFA versus. PES: the duel of virtual soccer arrived at the rapporteurs

Rodolfo de Paoli, ex- soccer player, is the rapporteur of the parties of the Argentina Selection in TyC Sports.


Did Some soccer player complain?

(FP) - Four or five, always with good wave. They asked to me that so much did not kill them during the story. They did not understand that he was not something personal, since the own game chooses what leaves from the story to use at every moment. One of that it called to me was the Bermúdez Landlord. Another one, Joel Capmbell, to whom I must a console challenge to him.

How they record with the commentator?

(RD) - With Diego Latorre I have participated much more in real parties that during the month of recording, because this is an edition work. With him we played of memory, we threw walls with the closed eyes. And that spirit was shaped in the recording.

(FP) - We have much chemistry with the Killing Kempes. He is as an older brother. At the outset it cost to understand this to him of virtual soccer, but with passing of editions we secured the great dynamics.


How it was the recording?

(RD) - Hardest, but pleasant simultaneously. Of Monday through Friday, three or four hours per day, uninterrupted; it was cut awhile when it was crushed. It was necessary to read much, things that were not in the game, and even arrives a little while that it crushes to you to read so much with game tone. What is to relate the game I have almost not done it. I recorded words, phrases, but each thing that I did I tried it to visualize as if it was a party.

(FP) - Days of up to five hours. I distributed to the time between my work of ESPN in Connecticut and the recording studio, that is to two hours.


There are differences between relating a party and a video-game?

(RD) - the video-games approach the reality more and more. It impresses much to me. The other day I saw a video related by my in YouTube that is almost identical to which I do when I transmit in TyC or Radio the Network.

(FP) - It is very similarity, the only difference is that you use plus the imagination. Thanks to the graphical motor of the video-game almost there is differences between no real and the virtual thing. It is surprising what advanced with running of editions.


Finally, Fernando, what seems to you PES 2018 and the work that Rodolfo de Paoli did?

(FP) €“ I admire the capacity that has the rapporteurs, as the case of Paoli, to put in words the different emotions that a soccer match represents. I see much and treatment them learn of them.

As far as PES 2018, the truth that I do not know it much, I am not to gamer. Yes that she is the FIFA rival and that has much improved its graphical motor in the last years, but FIFA continues being the leader in the matter of soccer video-games.


And you Rodolfo, what opinion tenés of FIFA 18 and its rapporteur, Fernando Palomo?

I listened to it and I like much. It is more, at some time he would not be preposterous that calls FIFA to me and Fernando is going to put his voice to him to the PES. I am fanatical of soccer and of many rapporteurs from boy, I believe that Fernando was inspired by Luis Omar Tapia who, with its stories, knew to us to enamor in the Champions. It enchants to me what does and comes out to him very well.

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