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WordPress republic

Ideal Hosting for sites developed in WordPress +Rendimiento!
Disc space 100 GB SSD
LIMITLESS Monthly transference
Subdominios 50
Accounts of E-mail 500
Certificate SSL FREE
Access to FTP & Control Panel
$80 $145/Mensual By annual payment
I want it!

Plan VPS Intermediate Windows

Ideal Windows Server servant to grow
Processors 1
Disc space 60 GB
Ram memory 3 GB
Dedicated IP 1
LIMITLESS Monthly transference
Backups daily
$1390 End

Republican plan VPS

Dedicated servant powerful to lodge great contents.
Processors 1
Disc space 20 GB
Ram memory 2 GB
Dedicated IP 1
LIMITLESS Monthly transference
Subdomains LIMITLESS
Accounts of E-mail LIMITLESS
Google PageSpeed NO
Access to FTP & Control Panel
Certificate SSL FREE
Backups daily
Limitless domains
$303 Monthly
I want it!

All the services Web in a single place

We are specialistic in services Web: we offer hosting for websites and great projects, had developing specialists Web and in addition we helped you, by means of a strategy of digital marketing, to position in finders and to increase your yield. We are also offering cheap dedicated server which you might be interested in because not only that it is cheap, it is also very useful for your website.

cms in an


Developments Web realised by experts, with true knowledge of the digital platforms. Your site is in good hands.


We are always kind to your consultations.

It differentiates our service to the client.

Our servers are monitored by specialistic technicians, to guarantee that your site/servant is always online.

Backups daily without additional cost

Control Panel Virtualmin/Webmin/Cpanel

Escalables resources right away

hosting in an

You prune to ask for your dedicated servant vps hosting or with Centos, Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat, Windows Server or your favourite system

in an

Ours dedicated server hosting includes MySQL, MariaDB 10,1, Apache 2,4, Git, Python 3.2/3.7, 5.3/5.6/7 PHP and Perl


We have much to tell you!

Abr. 01, 2019
Seminaries live to create your own radio and armed of a transmitter online
We begin the week with the excellent news: we bring an unmissable seminary to them of Radio online TOTALLY GRATUITOUS! Santi Alonso, the professor, has ample traditional and digital means experience. It is one of the founders of Magic Kids and Bender FM, two excellent radii that they transmit by streaming with us, and will share all knowledge in these safety pins
to deactivate publisher gutemberg
Sea 18, 2019
As deactivating publisher Gutenberg de WordPress and activating the Classic Publisher
In the version of WordPress 5,0 in future we have the new publisher of blocks who already comes by defect, thus and everything to the great majority of his I publish upsets to him and return to the classic publisher. Queres to know as deactivating publisher Gutenberg and returning to the classic publisher in WordPress? If we want to continue using the publisher [€¦]
Sea 18, 2019
WordPress 5,0 5,1 5.1.2 I update or I hope?
Summary: If you are in peak season of traffic Web we recommended to you at the moment you do not update. If expert SOS in WordPress you do not update. In anyone of the cases you prune to consult to our technical equipment and to advise to you. From our experience in Hosting Republic we know that WordPress 5,0 is a breakthrough but we know that not all ours [€¦]
Self-managing store Online
January. 06, 2019
Why to make publicity in Google Ads?
Every time they are plus the companies (small, great medians and) that decide to dedicate part of their budget of marketing in Google. The reasons are at sight:   For halves of 2018, IT HUNTS it (Camera Argentina de Electronic Comercio) had already calculated a growth of 59% in the transactions related to electronic commerce with respect to [€¦]
Nov. 12, 2018
We lost the best hero, died Stan Lee
Stanley Martin Lieber (Manhattan, New York; 28 of December of 1922-Los Angels, California, 12 of November of 2018), more known as Stan Lee, were a writer and American publisher of comic strip, in addition to producer and occasional film actor. Mainly it is known by to have created iconic characters of the world of the comic such as Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man, the 4 Fantastic ones, Thor, the Avengers, Daredevil, Doctor Strange, X-Men and Scarlet Bruja, among others many superheroes, almost always accompanied by the sketchers Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby. The work of Stan [€¦]

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